Sunday, December 20, 2015


I guess there are a number of things to be taken out of Andrew Little's Damascus like conversation regarding the need for New Zealand to become actively involved in the Syrian conflict ... and none of them overly good. 

First there is his taking of 'utu' against Phil Goff who only two weeks ago was warning against any possible involvement.     No Government or Opposition Party has ever had their defense spokesthingy ranked as low as Goff is (last) and Little's musings have cut the ground from under his feet and left him hanging high and dry.

Second and I know that Little's knowledge of defense matters is about on a par with my knowledge of the machinations of the union movement but to suggest that the SAS could be deployed in a training role is to completely misunderstand the role of special forces. Their expertise is clandestine operations and it is a waste of their expertise to deploy them as 'trainers' when that job is better done by using regular troops (as in the case of the Iraq deployment where we are using soldiers from our two regular infantry battalions).

And I have to say the NZL government should think very carefully before committing ground forces of any shape or size to Syria.   This is a 'big boys' war involving both the US and Russia each with different objectives.   The potential for being caught up in a super-powers clash cannot be discounted.

Finally and I have to wonder the rationale for Little taking on the powerful anti-US wing of the Labour Party because, while he may be seeking to occupy the middle ground in this debate, he is taking on the anti-US wing of the Labour Party and with his polling as preferred PM at just 14% he may just be setting himself up for a fall.

p.s.   For any 'normal' US presidential contender an endorsement by President Putin would surely be the kiss of death but 'Chump' certainly ain't a normal presidential contender.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I expect US voters will perceive Trump as a lot tougher than Obama who basically handed all America's opponents anything they wanted and then shouted from the roof tops that he was a 'tough negotiator.'

Essentially Trump is the 'anti Obama' Americans crave. All the other Republican candidates are just a bit too smooth - perhaps with the exception of Christie.

Andrei said...

Donald Trump was not endorsed by Vladimir Putin!!!

What VVP said when asked by a reporter that he thought Donald Trump he said he was a "colorful character" - that is close to an English translation of the idiomatic Russian, who was very intelligent but it was up to the American people to evaluate his merits as a candidate.

He said he thought Trump was the front runner

He liked that Donald Trump has expressed a desire for closer relationship with Russia, "How could we not like this" he said

But as to his campaign rhetoric and his internal policies that was a matter for the American people to evaluate - he stressed this in fact

Andrew Berwick said...

flipper or flopper?


F**K I can't wait until Trump wins! Because Trump knows how to deal with Commies like Little - just one Global Hawk and NZ could be free again!

Psycho Milt said...

Howie, is Andrew Berwick a sock puppet you set up to take the piss out of fascists? If so, kudos, it's very funny.

The Veteran said...

PM ... you could well be onto something but never forget that there is not too much difference between the extreme right and the extreme left of the political divide ... both are joined at the hip and display a certain intolerance towards anyone who chooses to disagree with their blinkered view of society.

Andrew ain't particularly funny and neither is Howie.

Anonymous said...

The NZSAS were deployed in a training role whilst in Kabul. They were tasked with the training of the security police. Little knows a little more than you give him credit for.

Putins charm offensive is fooling no one as is the Saudis "peace plan". The Romans said if you want peace prepare for war. In this case it is if you want war prepare for peace. The Saudi Air Force has hit schools and hospitals (no wedding parties yet) in the Yemen using British supplied weapons, 100s of civilians dead.

In the biggest flip flop of all time Hillary Benn, he of the bomb the bastards speech that Veteran approved of, has made another speech condemning the bombing and the use of British weapons. As Corbyn has criticised arms sales to the middle east for twenty years it's no wonder people are looking at him for sensible politics.

Lord Egbut

Howie said...

I'm not trying to be funny, I'm just being helpful.

You all know Sinner is a nutbar from way back. Her new handle is really cute though don't you think? Tell me though, is adoration of child mass-murderers an acceptable right-wing trait? If not, why don't you ban it?

Anonymous said...

Of course the amazing thing about the Syrian conflict is that the supposed missionaries for "freedom and democracy"hah are actually supporting the Absolute Monarchy of Saudi Arabia. the cruelest and most oppressive regime on the planet, overthrow a democratically elected leader of a pluralist State.

Of course you people are so brainwashed and brain dead that you wont realize this or believe it

When Barack Obama says we are supporting the "moderate Sunni opposition" he is actually saying the Syrians who are Shiite. Alawite, Christian or Druze that they can go get fucked

andrei said...

That previous comment was mine

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... 'training' but with a very large mandate hence their prominent role in ending the Hotel siege. The reality is that the SAS were there as much more than trainers. I again make the point, training is not a core SAS role.

Howie ... I haven't a clue as to what you are rabbiting on about.

Andrei ... basic rule of politics. Perception is reality.

Noel said...

Resolution 2249 changed things for everyone so no surprise in Little's new view.
Got to give him some credi with his demand requiring UN mandate and US/Russian consensus before SAS join the action.

Andrew Berwick said...

Tell me though, is adoration of child mass-murderers an acceptable right-wing trait?

Yeah, of course it is...

If not, why don't you ban it?

It's not just "acceptable" to kill leftists and muslims and abortionistas - it is REQUIRED by the CONSTITUTION!

Also I'll build A WALL.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... UN Resolution 2249 was passed on 20 November. Little's statement was last week i.e. several weeks post the event. Why would Little call for a resolution when there was one already in place? Some might call it policy on the hoof and where does it leave his Foreign Affairs Spokesman, Dr Shearer, who called for caution? As it happens I agree with Shearer.

Psycho Milt said...

You all know Sinner is a nutbar from way back. Her new handle is really cute though don't you think? Tell me though, is adoration of child mass-murderers an acceptable right-wing trait? If not, why don't you ban it?

Sigh. I'd forgotten about Sinner. But yeah, you're right - "Andrew Berwick's" 12:32pm comment is Sinner's writing style. So, yes a sock-puppet, but a fascist performance-art sock puppet, not a piss-take.

As to banning expression of particular opinions, the reason why not is straightforward to anyone with a respect for freedom of opinion.

Noel said...

There is debate whether 2249 invokes chapter VII. Prudent to have clarification?

Noel said...

Threadjacking update.
Great Christmas present.
To refresh son beat up and left for dead year and half ago. ICU, Hospital and months of rehab. Three involved but not identified by lone observer in distance. One suspect, radicalised gang youth, identified by message on his phone "we took one down for a mean as phone" correlating to time after the assault.
Wouldn't man up, wouldn't give names of others and showed no remorse.
Lawyered up and sent for section 12. Lawyer found to have conflict of interest. Back through section 12 to 14 then out of the Youth Court to the District Court.
Story short he walked for lack of evidence.

Oh well he will eventually be inside...for someone's murder, if he follows the usual track of multiple diversions at the youth court followed by future assault convictions having now reached adult hood.

Heads up keep away from the dark side of Pukekohe.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... your thread-jacking forgiven ... many would share your absolute frustration. I think it was Gideon Tait (Assistant Commissioner, NZ Police) who said 'The courts are the soft underbelly of the NZ judicial system'.

We can only hope that 'three strikes' catches up with your refugee from society before it's repealed by a Labour/Greens Government.