Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Tiz the season for non-stories.    This one here where an Oz TV reporter got all shitty with Jetstar because they refused to give her a free upgrade to Business Class on a flight between Bangkok and Sydney because she had a snapped Achilles tendon.   Instead, she was allocated a seat to the front of the aircraft with the seat beside her left empty to give her additional room.    She should count her self lucky with that.

My knowledge of the airline industry is fairly limited but I do a fair amount of air miles and you get to be fairly friendly with check-in staff who tend to remember you.  Their stories are legend about people who present demanding upgrades for all sorts of reasons (many clearly manufactured).   As I understand it airlines aren't in the business of giving free upgrades to casual customers and limit them to regular users under reasonably strict criteria and I can sympathize with that.

Jetstar is a budget airline and you are flying no frills.   You get what you pay for ... end of story.

Further on in the story there is mention of another disgruntled passenger who was allocated a seat in economy class close to the loo and crew area.   Again, you pay your money and take your chance.     Most airlines (including Jetstar) offer 'seat select' for a few extra dollars.     Take that option and you control your own destiny.   Don't and don't whinge because someone has to sit there.


Ross said...

Yes. If she wanted Business Class she could have paid for it.

Interesting that journalists feel that stories about other journalists might interest the general public. How wrong they are.

Anonymous said...

It is beyond my understanding that we as a nation would want to lay claim to the likes of Russell Crowe. Please let him stay an Aussie. Virgin Airlines told him he couldn't take his hover thingy on the plane due to an exploding battery risk so the toys come out of the pram bigtime. The little precious wore his fingers to the bone tweeting his "disgust" and vows never to use the airline again. Good, that means I shall use no other.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine why we as a nation should want to claim Russell Crowe as one of our own. On trying to board a Virgin Airlines flight yesterday he was told his hover thingy was not allowed on board o the basis of battery safety. The toys came out the pram bigtime. The little precious tweeted his fingers to the bone telling the world that he was "disgusted" and would never fly with them again. Good, that means I will fly them whenever I can.

Let him remain a Rabbitoh, whatever that is.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Good God!

Here I am entirely in agreement with Legbut.

Anonymous said...

Its this "the customer is always right" bullshit. Often as not the whining customer is a wanker that needs to be so.


Noel said...

Crowe will have to charter with a pilot prepared to take a risk.
All airlines focused on lithium ion batteries some months ago.
Not allowed on checked, carry on or cargo.
First thing they ask you when sending car keys guests left behind via airmail.
Does it have a lithium battery?

Noel said...

Also they aren't "hover boards" but self righting scooters. But hey the latter doesn't gel with the bullshit marketing gurus.