Friday, December 11, 2015

An Embarrasment Of Glitches

A fortnight ago he sideswiped a couple of parked cars and blamed it on coffee but this week we find what probably was the real reason.

Mr 14% is a serial texter.   Fancy being filmed driving while having both hands on his cellphone.

It seems the ALP does just as good a job as New Zealand Labour in bringing turkeys into their leadership.


The Veteran said...

Adolf ... haven't you figured it out yet. Rules are made by 'them' for 'us'. 'Them' (especially Labor 'thems') are above the law.

Shorten has become a liability for Labour. Dead man walking. I suspect his biggest backers are to be found among the coalition.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You're so right. Can't ever remember when a leader had only 14% PPM poll when his party had 33%.

Perhaps I haven't been looking in the right places but a PPM poll including Albanese might be interresting.