Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Mr Lomu  earned well above beneficiaries income levels over two decades then died in a situation  media are describing as "broke".

Yes he suffered health issues and dialysis while overseas may have been very expensive. V ery few people even those enduring the medical challenges Mr Lomu faced has mortality at the forefront of their planning.

If Dr Russell Wills, the imho failing "Children's Commissioner", believes throwing more money at those entrusted with giving their children a more equitable opportunity is the answer, then do a case study on the late Jonah Lomu.

I have no idea if an avaricious "church" in any way contributed to the parlous state of the financial affairs facing the two boys, nor do I know if the many  clearly too generous acts of philanthropy were to blame.
A passion for exotic cars could only be seen as extravagance along with three acknowledged domestic relationships accompanied by two divorces, a glaring picture of either no financial management and or total disassociation from economic reality becomes apparent.

Of course there is a compelling case for the Rugby Hierarchy to make a far better effort to assist testosterone overloaded young men, too often boys in real terms, to manage the sudden advance to having access to untold riches,  however that is entirely another matter.

More money is never the answer, more knowledge, counsel and education is the only way.
For every economic and social tragedy unearthed and given oxygen by a dysfunctional media there are thousands of caring, frugal, albeit possibly struggling family groups of all types and abilities doing a terrific job of raising children but of course they are never going to sell a tawdry rag or prime time infotainment masquerading as media.

To those who are of the opinion this post is in any way denigrating or disrespectful  to the late Jonah Lomu, that is not my intention but the revelations of the state of his finances as published is too relevant as an example to the inanity that the profoundly misguided commissioner came out with this week.

RIP Jonah Lomu.


Ross said...

Jandals to jandals in one generation.

Anonymous said...

Financially uneducated, surrounded by people who flatter to deceive this story is old as the hills and English football over the last forty years is littered with examples of rags to riches to rags in a few years. Being ripped off by wives and relations does not mean you have a generous spirit, it just means you believe in your own invincibility and misplaced trust. Free financial advise is worthless..Pay and pay well.

Lord Egbut