Saturday, November 28, 2015

Will It Be Their Ass or Their Albo? (Updated)

The Australian Labor Party, that is.

Anthony Albanese has been doing a stirling job of late.

He has come out with statements on terrorism that one would have expected to  hear from Tony Abbott.  It just so happens that Abanese's views resonate with middle Australia, unlike the views of the increasingly incompetent Liberal leader who seems to be a master of mushy nothingness.

One thing is for sure, Labor has no show, come the nest election with Shorten as leader.

Albanese has none of the baggage which beset Gillard and besets Shorten.  He also has the advantage that he comes across as a 'good Aussie bloke' with lots of common sense.

The Libs will NOT want to go into an election campaigning against his guy.

The only bright spot is that the ALP has painted itself into a corner in which it is nigh on impossible to get rid of its incumbent idiot.


It seems I'm not alone.

"Many underestimate this risk, assuming that by taking the Coalition to the centre Turnbull has crowded out the competition. They were saying the same about Rudd in mid-2009 — when Turnbull was opposition leader — and he was gone less than a year later.
Anthony Albanese offered a salient lesson when he targeted Turnbull’s imprecise language over Islamic State."

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mr 15 Per Cent

This from today's Newspoll:

"His support of 15 (preferred PM) per cent is down three points to be the lowest for any Labor leader since Simon Crean slumped to 14 per cent in November 2003 in the final ­Newspoll before he stood down as leader. It is the second lowest ­result for any Labor leader in Newspoll history going back to 1987 and dramatically lower than the worst results achieved by ­Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd when Mr Shorten helped remove them as leaders. "

My italics.