Sunday, November 22, 2015


It would be easy to say no-one but that would be wrong.    Each Party has its share of stand-out members although you might be pushing the envelope with United Future and Peter Dunne who is perhaps better described as an accident of history .... whooops, just remembered the Greens!!!!

So, who in Labour impresses me as doing their fair share and more of holding the government to account.   A good measuring stick is to look at how they perform during Question Time.   Those assessed as lightweight by the government are brushed away with ease but there are some (not many) where you sense they have the ability and knowledge to score real hits.

My list in no great order of ranking ....

  • Chris Hipkins, Shadow Leader of the House, Senior Whip, Education ... good performer on his feet, knowledgeable and passionate about education.
  • Phil Twford, Housing, Transport ... like a dog with a bone on housing issues.   Pity his overstepping the mark with his attacks on the Chinese community.
  • David Shearer, Foreign Affairs, Consumer Affairs ... an inherently decent person with hands-on experience in his main portfolio.
  • Phil Goff, Defence and Veteran's Affairs ... on his way out but clearly knows his stuff.
I was going to include Annette King in the list but, on reflection, the 'old boiler' has done her dash.   Right now she's literally a seat warmer for her Boss.

For me, the jury's still out on Andrew Little.    Clearly he has demonstrated the ability to knock heads together and bring his caucus into line.   He's smart enough to dump policies (even iconic policies) that are assessed to be an electoral liability.   He can talk to business and do deals.   Those are positives offset by a dour image (of the Heinrich Arnold Nordmeyer variety) and completely lacking in the ability to inspire.   Does John Key worry about him?  ... clearly not in the way that his predecessors used to worry about Norman Kirk or Helen1 at the top of their games.


pdm said...

It is not unexpected that Goff knows his stuff.

After all he has done nothing else for over 30 years and always operated within a very narrow focus area. This was proven when he ascended to leadership of the party and was shown to be way out of his depth when broader political acumen was required.

Anonymous said...

Goff, really? Even after he got up last week during QT to complain that the Government wouldn't support repatriating soldiers buried in unofficial Malaysian war cemeteries. Completely forgetting that when he was Defence Minister in 2007, he made EXACTLY the SAME decision. The man is nothing but a troughing tool. He deserves no respect, and if Auckland vote him in as Mayor, serves you right.


The Veteran said...

Anon 10.54 ... as a Vietnam vet I've had issues with Goff particularly over his m'ship of the PYM and their actions during the Vietnam war. But that is past history and I've moved on from that. I support his call for the NOK of servicemen buried in the KL and Ipoh public cemeteries to be offered the option of repatriation of the remains. Foss got it wrong with his call. The difference between 2007 and now and if you read the Cabinet Paper you will note that back then RNZRSA opposed the move and government quite rightly gave weight to their views. In 2015 RNZRSA changed its position. FFS, from memory we're only talking about 8-10 deceased and I would suggest that a number of NOK would take the view that they should remain at rest undisturbed. This in no way creates a precedent for those burried in CWGC cemeteries. The protocols for that remain unchanged and won't be changed. There is no repatriation from CWGC cemeteries.

Anonymous said...

Shearer maybe worth a look but I think he's in the wrong party really because every now and then he says something sensible. The rest are like the buttercups in the lawn - pretty flowers but still a pest I'm going to spray when I get the time.

Little has two left feet and has them in his mouth at the same time - hopeless.

Auckland can have Goff if it keeps him away from anywhere else. Hipkins is a lightweight but speaks well on occasion. Talk is cheap of course.

Twyford is simply stupid and forgets that we have memories.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goff is fatally flawed. Me might know his stuff, as you say, but he can never be trusted. He has never failed to divulge confidential information for his own political gain.

Auckland will simply inherit more of the same high rates, profligate spending and leftist dogma they've put up with from Len Brown.