Monday, November 16, 2015


Not that a dribbling moronic, retarded idiot as represented by Howie could ever get Low's clear messages !

Back in the day when Herr Schiklegruber was on the rise, one of the early warning people was a cartoonist, New Zealand born, David Low.

His characterisations and political wit were devastating to the point it was alleged he would be amongst the first residents to be shot following the Nazi Invasion of The UK.

Low's destructive pen was not only aimed at the Austrian Corporal and his mates Benito and Tojo, Chamberlains disastrous appeasement was lampooned with equal alacrity and David, later Sir David Low, was a significant weapon in the exposure of the rise of Nazi Germany and the clear threat the Fascist tide actually represented.
Never better illustrated than by the well signalled fate of Jews, Gypsys, Communists, mental patients,  non compliant church leaders and any other perceived enemy or potential economic burden of The Fatherland.

Propaganda Minister Goebbels, actually complained to Lord Halifax about negative publicity for The Nazi regime during the 1930s and singled out Low for special mention.
As Operation Sea Lion was planning for the cross Channel invasion after the Wehrmacht had over run France and the Low countries, a list of those of influence to be rounded up for pacification( Execution)  included the cartoonist.
Compare that to how Islam has reacted to Rushdie, Lars Vilks and Charlie Hebdo, and a recurring pattern might become obvious to anyone with a functioning brain.

If images of homosexuals being tossed off third story windows, aid workers being beheaded in the most gruesome fashion, an Airman captured and burnt alive in a steel cage, detractors being placed in metal cages and lowered into water and filmed drowning, girls being mutilated with razors and sold as chattels, women being denied education and forced to become wife number whatever, and every other atrocity including arbitrary slaughter, rape and enslavement gaining widespread publicity is not sufficient to allow retards such as Howie to understand that the radicalised soldiers of Islam must be opposed then it is difficult to comprehend what it would really take.

Being of a generous nature and interested in genuine debate, should Howie email me a treatise on why he sees no danger in the actions of the dozen perpetrators who have wrought mayhem to the French Capital, including some understandable motivations and justifications,  how he thinks the European States should respond to the random killings of innocent diners, footy fans, security guards and concert goers, I might be persuaded to publish it as a "guest post".
Otherwise Howie just involve yourself in sex and travel and feed some chickens as an activity to relieve the boredom of said travel.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy this website but have long been sick to death of the appeasement of Bowie.
Time to end the appeasement and send him packing .
I'm sure hell find someone else to annoy with his blinds logic

Howie said...

Low would have had a great time lampooning the likes of Le Pen, Abbott, Trump and various squawking online retarded crypto-Nazis like you and Adolt. In other words those proposing the mass imprisonment and deportation of members of a religious minority.

And I'm happy to be upsetting you, anonymous fucktard. Get a handle, loser.

gravedodger said...

Howie you choose to continue to abuse with precious little substance to support your slavish acceptance of the excesses perpetrated in the name of Islamic terrorists for what they truly represent
I accept it will be extremely difficult, but perhaps if you could hold on the personal abuse and create something resembling a justifiable opinion that could be more constructive otherwise the delete button will operate.
Your shallow garbage never upsets me, it merely generates pity, comments can be an opportunity for positive expanded discussion of current matters whereas your pathetic efforts are so sad and empty

Your totally erroneous accusations that Adolf and I are anything close to resembling National Socialism is ludicrous and not worthy of a response and my offer to you still stands but I will not hold my breath as I am sure it is well beyond your intellectual abilities without serious assistance.

Btw, yes Low was pretty indiscriminate in his choice of target, he was an old school journo with ink in his veins, it is widely accepted he ended the political career of Lloyd George but that too is well beyond any understanding you exhibit of how some of us can be equally critical of those we on balance support, alas you have no concept of such mental abilities.
For myself I have little in common with LePenn or Trump but Tony Abbott will be recorded by history as a very effective Opposition Politician who failed to evolve as a government leader but his apparent failure will be seen as less of a disaster as time passes. At least the idiot KRudd and the very dodgy Gilliard are gone and with Shorton brains currently in serous trouble with the polls, Turnbull has been handed a walk by the now very confused media pitchers. The man who tried and failed repeatedly to get selected for a safe ALP seat, now leading the Liberals, is enjoying a Honeymoon most polies could only dream about.

So how about you actually abandon the mindless rhetoric and try to be creative, it can be liberating and will be an essential ingredient if we as a society are to meet and defeat the current challenges. I have never called for mass deportations or Concentration camps but the mindless machinations encouraged by Merkel and other EU political leaders are creating a massive geo political problem that will not end well, Charlie Hebdo and last Friday are but overtures.
Our 1200 mile moat is a defence but much more will be needed.

Anonymous said...

Radicalised soldiers of Islam.....NO. Radicalised soldiers of ISIL...YES.

You want to lump everyone together in the same box Mr Dodger. It's easier that way as you don't have to think to much.

Number of women who have been prime ministers in Muslim countries...three.
Number of women US presidents......none.

Now to low. It's a coincidence that you you brought his name into play as his cartoon showing Churchill and others marching in file of four rolling up their sleeves was in the Daily Mail yesterday. The faces were changed to Cameron Hollande Obama etc, but you get the picture.

Best of luck with the moat. Nth Korea is giving lessons on drawbridge pulling.

Anonymous said...

They are a pretty nasty bunch and they vividly remind me of those happy smiling Paddys who blew up two Birmingham pubs, spread the intestines of people and horses across the Mall in London, drilled out kneecaps with the good old Black and Decker, kidnapped women from hospital and shot them in a field, fragmented 36 people at an Armistice day parade and generally had a jolly good time sniping, bombing murdering police and soldiers (google Warren bridge) across the Ireland. Just move the question around a bit and you will get the picture.

Why have you not mentioned the bomb in Beirut that killed 46 last week. Oh that's right they were Arabs probably "Muszzie" ditto Turkey the week before.

Lord Egbut (twice)