Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Was All The Fuss About?

Kelvin Davis and Labour should hang their heads in shame after engaging in one of the worst beat ups I can remember for a long time.

Remember the hyperbolic references to concentration camps, detention without trial and the staged walk out from parliament which was reported around the world?

Of course they ignored the unhelpful fact that those held on Christmas Island actually were free to leave at any time and now some of them have.   Thankfully they don't include those real bad bastards who started the riot.  Fortunately they'll be on the inside of a real slammer for some time.

Today's headline from The Trash Tabloid.

Kiwis prepare to return from Christmas Island

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Andrew Berwick said...

They're al overstayers, bludgers & crims. Don't want any of 'em back.

If the govt had any guts we'd just Ninoy Aquino 'em as soon as their planes landed.