Saturday, November 28, 2015


Newstalk ZB reports the first NZ arrest of a deportee from Australia under their policy of sending bad buggers back to their land of domicile at the end of their sentence.

The crim cuddling NZ socialists were adamant they had a perfect right to tell the Federal government of our closest ally how to run their country.

Lead crim cuddler Kelvin Davis fresh from selectively kicking Serco for bad things happening on their watch while totally ignoring exactly the same behaviours at state run prisons staffed by Bevan Hanlon's thugs was first cab off the rank, skulking around the facility at Christmas Island doing a great impression of fomenting trouble that ended with a riot and several NZ citizens, awaiting deportation, being returned to the mainland and a high security gaol.
Then Super City Mayoral hopeful and the now very temporary NZLP leader cavorted off to Canberra in an equally fruitless publicity stunt that was almost totally ignored by the Federal Ministry, unless a rather throwaway line from a veteran Liberal politician, that maybe NZ should take up federal status along with two senate representation options.

This morning the first of what I suspect will be many happens, with a recent deportee being arrested for Burglary, and remember he is only the first arrested.
I think most know that arrest is no measure of offending. Particularly around property offending where  getting caught is unlikely.


The Veteran said...

Well I guess he wasn't the jaywalker or litterbug that the MSM would have us believe that's all these 'people' have done.

gravedodger said...

Dunno bout that Vet the treatment from the nasty Key and Aus coalition governments caused the jay walker to up the ante and burglary was the next step. He was driven to it.
It'l be Keys fault whatever.

Howie said...

"The crim cuddling NZ socialists were adamant they had a perfect right to tell the Federal government of our closest ally how to run their country."

This outcome demonstrates precisely how hideously vile the Australian policy is. Basically they're refusing to take responsibility for the crims their system created and making this a problem for law-abiding New Zealanders. The moronic right strikes again. Keep cheerleading though, dickheads.

gravedodger said...

Wouldn't have got to that in North Korea eh Howie. Dead men tell no tales and all.

Btw I am not best pleased when you inadvertently include Malcom Turnbull in my circle Howie He would not even find out where we meet.

JC said...

The left answer came in a snippet I saw last night.. he became a crook because he wasn't supported by the govt when he arrived in NZ.. so it was Key's fault after all.


Anonymous said...

Our ancestors had the right idea. Any low life caught stealing food was shipped off to Australia. If you can't stand on your own two feet then you should do the gene pool a favour and die.