Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Was He Pissed?

Well,  if the report is to be believed, he was.

The opposition leader crashed the vehicle, which belonged to his late mother, into two parked cars in Carlton on Sunday, an opposition spokesman confirmed.
There was minor damage to the parked cars and no injuries reported.
Mr Shorten crashed after spilling coffee into his lap, reported Melbourne radio station 3AW.

Can you be done for drinking coffee while driving?

Would you put this man in charge of  country?


Noel said...

Australian Vehicle Insurance association list it as no3.

Must be a common Australian problem.

"A morning caffeine fix in (most likely) stop-start traffic is a recipe for disaster, with tongues and laps most vulnerable to burns from scalding hot coffee spills. Drivers aren't the only offenders with this one - last year a Brisbane commuter had an accident trying to drink coffee while cycling !

If you must bring a hot drink into the car, it's worth looking into a no-spill travel mug that you can store in a secure cup holder. Even better, get one that keeps your drink hot so that it will be at optimal drinking temperature once you've arrived.

Why don't you send him a non spill mug with Tony Abbots face on it. You must have a few spares there?

The Veteran said...

Noel ... like your sense of humour. C'mon Adolf, surely you can oblige.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Unfortunately, they all spontaneously shattered on the night of the Liberal Party spill. Poor Tony no longer can sport a 'non spill' mug.