Friday, November 20, 2015

Trash Tabloid Jumps The Shark

At last The Herald has come out and admitted what has been obvious for a couple of years at least.

The Herald is a shill for the Labour Party

Today's editorial suggests  all NZers should donate to Labour because the party is broke.   The socialist's answer to everything is 'other people's money.'

"The Labour Party's financial deficit problems should be of concern to all New Zealanders.".......

But the Trash Tabloid saves its biggest lie for last = another mark of the true socialist.

Labour may have to hang in for a longer haul and it needs help. It deserves a fair deal from those doing well in an economy that took two parties to put right.

Funny thing is, it was the Labour Party under Clark which wrecked the economy.  The two parties which put it right were National and ACT.

And that, folks, is why Labour is broke.

Make no mistake, what the mendacious Marxists at the Herald want is state funding for political parties. Better still, state funding for Labour and let the others fight for donations.


pdm said...

As I suggested over at KiwiBlog the Herald should now be including the Labour logo in its frant page banner.

Cedric said...

KIA essay on Labour as a guest post on Kiwiblog 18 months ago.

Sums it up really.

Perhaps a "Give a Little (the bums rush)" appeal is all that is left for them.

Paulus said...

Found an easy way not to agree with the Harold - cancelled a few years ago.

Andrew Berwick said...

If NZ was a democracy, all Labour MP councillors mayors etc would be removed from their positions, replaced by the second place-getters, and we'd get on with the economic, social & political reforms NZ so desperately needs!

David said...

Strange they didn't say the Act party deserved support too. Maybe it should be renamed the NZ Standard instead

The Veteran said...

Financially bankrupt, intellectually challenged, led by a perpetually angry man reaching back into the 19th century for 21st century solutions ... and those are only the positives.

Churchill's reported comment springs to mind ... when challenged by some dowager at a function that he was 'drunk, disgustingly drunk' replied 'and you madam are ugly, very ugly, and the difference between you and me is that in the morning I will be sober'.

And so it is with the Labour Party ... ugly, very ugly.