Friday, November 27, 2015


Media are suggesting upwards of 50 000, yes fifty freakin thousand will attend  the UN sponsored talks on reducing the amounts of CO2 that every growing thing in the worlds eco system needs to flourish, in the atmosphere.
The UNFCCC, as if the acronym isn't gross enough, here is the full title, United nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are sponsoring a talkfest to run from November 30th until December 11th 2015.
The last major international circle jerk in Copenhagen achieved a big fat ZERO and that gave around 26 thousand souls an opportunity to mix and mingle at a never disclosed  cost paid for by captive wealth creators under duress.
So will twice the deluded shouting the odds create a twofold result, well yes as two times zero is still ZERO but at many times greater cost.
Does the suggested figure of 50k attendees include the transport, accommodation and security services as I am certain the normal staffing levels at  the Le Bourget  convention site and surrounding support entities will be massively extended.

Will the Wallies responsible for the whole stinking pile of rotting refuse that will emit eye watering  amounts of carbon, deal to India who have just given the modified 'Churchill'  salute to any consideration of moderating their carbon consumption.
Will China also, who have recently begun to give waffling verbal obfuscation and meaningless vague promises to reduce their emissions, while continuing to build a new coal fired power station  every week be named.
Will those countries, with Merkel's Germany in the Van, returning to a dependence on coal as a knee jerk response to the Fukishima disaster, revisit the stupid decision to reduce Nuclear generation as the one true renewable energy generation option on offer.
Will the Sun be represented at Le Bourget, as that folks is the one and only massive influence as to what happens to the long term temperature gradients manifesting on this The Third Rock from The Sun.
Will any single one of those indulging in the unseemly gaggle fighting with the 49 999 others to get a snifter of the rewards from the trough, think for a single moment what of the whole charade could be equally achieved with a smart phone, 'skype', 'facetime', video links or just writing a letter and using a bloody postage stamp.

Well nothing as what would that generate as personal exposure on a world stage, the glorious opportunity to be able to say "I Was There" and it was a "swell experience", photo opps for the self aggrandised, well just another big fat ZERO that's what.
Otoh  I guess Le Bourget, if The Daesh don't elevate it to a prominence worthy of the expense, I guess Paris 2015, will create thee reference for the next wankfest wherever and when ever that will follow and rest assured it bloody well will.
What else have the army of the deluded got to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

Easier read.....

Lord Egbut

JC said...

One of the most remarkable consequences of a terrorist threat and attack is the authorities and activists ramp up the rhetoric on climate change.

As that great Kenyan B Obama said a couple of days ago " “[N]ext week, I will be joining President Hollande and world leaders in Paris for the Global Climate Conference. What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”

That'll learn IS not to mess with Barry!


The Veteran said...

Some of the pre-conference position papers I have read emanating out of Africa (and other places) seem to have a common theme ... it's not our fault; it's the avarice displayed by developed countries ... but give us some dosh and we'll forget about it, but any attempt to talk about deforestation is off the table because it's our god given right to do what want want with our land.

Andrei said...

It's a religious festival for Godless Politicians - and symptomatic of the decline of Western Civilization and all its glories

Paulus said...

The hotel business along with the Travel Agents and Airlines will do great business - as will the Paris prostitutes who will flock to Le Bourget.
They will only increase the number of prostitute members.
How much is being spent by New Zealanders - there appears to be hundreds going and the Taxpayer is paying (at least Business Class and 5 Star hotels).
Sweet FA will be achieved except a decision as to where the next meeting will take place - there is considerable competition as its is a great earner - probably vied for like the World Football Competition.
Interesting to hear India says "get stuffed" as the New Zealand West Coast coal nearly all goes to India as it is the high quality they want for steel - this may increase.

Allan said...

As far as I am concerned they are a bunch of self serving idiots. Chicken Little " The Sky is falling" springs to mind. The unfortunate part about it is the MSM goes along with the total fraud of Man Made Climate change theory and publishes the totally unproven diatribe of the climate change alarmists with no reference to what is actually happening. Climate change is a natural phenomenon and it is only the arrogance of those clowns of the more liberal persuasion who seem to think that us mere mortals can influence or change what is going to happen.