Monday, November 2, 2015

They Laughed When He Told Them....

....... what they didn't want to hear.

Winston Churchill, that is.   The intelligentsia of the nineteen thirties all thought Hitler was a wonderful chap, by Jove.  For them, Churchill was a lunatic warmonger who would not 'get with their programme.'  So they threw him out.

And of course, the rest is history.  Sixty million wasted lives of history, actually.

Fast forward to 2015 and you find a remarkably similar character on the political scene.

His name is Tony Abbott and he appears to be one of the very few politicians in the western world, prepared to state the harsh truth of the severe threat posed to civilization by Islamism.  

I reckon Australians will be begging him to come back within ten short years as Turnbull does his sordid Chamberlain imitation, egged on by the intelligentsia of the ABC, Fairfax, Guardian and every university faculty lunch room.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are wrong about needing Tony Abbott (personally I don't have any issue with him) but I know you're right.


Anonymous said...

Hitler had little nice to say about Islam as well. In England you will get arrested for quoting Churchill on Islam. One generation is all its taken to screw England over. It makes the war seem so bloody pointless.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You may well find it was the Grand Mufti of the time who, when asked by Hitler where he should send all the filthy Jews, urged Hitler to kill and burn them all.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... I agree with the sentiment behind your post but I think you are drawing a fairly long bow in comparing Abbot to Churchill. Churchill had the x factor which meant that he was able to inspire a nation on its knees to carry on at a time when his Foreign Secretary, Halifax, was urging that Britain should sue for peace.

It is acknowledged that Abbott was an incredibly effective Leader of the Opposition but a PM works in a quite different dynamic. He needs to communicate effectively. he needs the common touch the voters can relate to. Abbot failed on both accounts not helped by members in his own party working with the media to another agenda.

There is a degree of similarity between Abbott and Peters. Both were/are pretty good 'knockers'. But there's much more to being a PM than 'knocking' ... you need to be able to take the electorate with you and that's the secret to John Key's success.

As to Abbott's warning ... not much different to that of Enoch Powell but this time the reality is that there's a tipping point where countries are forced to shut up shop and. I suspect that for Europe the tipping point is not too far away.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Vet, I'm comparing Abbot with Churchill when Churchill was on the outer. At that time Churchill did not have any x factor but was languishing in the political wilderness. It was not until the general public realized he had been right all along that he gained their confidence and became the hero that is remembered today.

I think the call it 'cometh the time, cometh the man?'

Abbot may or may not have that capacity but he sure as hell mirrors the early Churchill experience.

Chaz said...

His name is Adolf Hitler and he appears to be one of the very few politicians in the western world, prepared to state the harsh truth of the severe threat posed to civilization by Judaism.

See what I did there?

Simo said...

Austria's gun sales are booming at the moment, you cant buy a shotgun because they have run out, and its the women of Austria who are buying them because they feel unsafe on the streets in their towns. Do I need to spell out the reason why?

Anonymous said...

"You may well find it was the Grand Mufti of the time who, when asked by Hitler where he should send all the filthy Jews, urged Hitler to kill and burn them all."

Reference please????

Chaz: Don't spoil the party, they are just getting into their stride.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

Oh dear and oh dear again. More revisionism masquerading as fact. Churchill was not "thrown" out he went into self imposed isolation because of the Indian home rule act. Our Winnie was a bit of closet racist actually and belittled Gandhi at every opportunity.

He followed the example of George Lord in warning of Hitlers ambitions and was not the lone voice he would have us believe. How ever we all love Winnie because he is consistent in his inconsistency because at the same time he was vehemently against the League of Nations actions against the Japanese rape of Manchuria.

Well enough about dry old history which is quite boring, particularly when it's true. I must stop now as BBC Radio is about to do a piece on the Key "photo my dick" interview, about 4 mill listeners.

I am now a proud Australian for the foreseeable future. What a bloody plonker.

Lord Egbut Nocbacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


From Wiki:-

"When Ramsay MacDonald formed the National Government in 1931, Churchill was not invited to join the Cabinet. He was at the low-point in his career,...."

Looks like "thrown out" to me.

The Veteran said...

Then MiLord ... I guess the Muldoon dictum comes into play.

Paulus said...

As a young Brit in London during the Second World War I agree mostly with the sentiments stated,.
However it is unfair to relate modern Australia, with over 50 different ethnic groups and loyalties, not to Australia,with Britain and the British people during the times of that war. They had a total loyalty to what they knew and accepted over many years prior, and Churchill had the total support of ordinary people. I decry the now imitation of the How Now people. This is a media machination and did not reflect the stoicism of the normal people, who refused to let anybody get the better of them.
I was there, and whilst having had a very successful life in New Zealand my views of life are still based upon those values.

Anonymous said...

Yes Veteran, It is a temporary cross I'm going to have bear. I take it this automatically gives me dispensation for brain explosions in my posts until I revert.

There have always been threats Adolf. The great Russian threat of the 1900.s led to millions of dollars being spent on pointless fortifications and guns being built (Ripapa Island) even the British Admiral Jellicoe said they were a waste of money.

Then there was the yellow peril which although eventuated did not pan out as the doomsters predicted. Political fortunes have risen and fallen on doom laden predictions and in this case most of them are being fed by red top papers and internet hate sites.

Not being invited to join the cabinet is not being thrown out, it is not being asked to join the cabinet. Why, he was total opposition to home rule for India.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yet another idiot stumped up with his five hundred bucks and kissed a kangaroo's arse.

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... you can always purchase an 'Indulgence' in advance to atone for your sins .... make your cheque out to me spelt 'Cash'. As to the quantum ... everyone has his/her price (just ask Chris Cairns)... mine is pretty high though.

David said...

Adolf, you need a new bogeyman. Hitler is so last century.

And the "grand mufti" bit is bullshit, as anyone who can read history knows

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


' Hitler is so last century."

Oh really? My Jewish friends don't think so. They know he lives on, embedded in Islamism.