Wednesday, November 25, 2015


When it couldn't get any worse for Corbyn it does.    First we have Len McCluskey, boss of the Unite Union that heavily backed Corbyn's leadership bid, issue him a very public warning that now he is leader he can no longer 'say the first thing that comes into his head'.   That's a given.   The fact the McCluskey felt the need to say it publicly means that Corbyn isn't listening.

Then yesterday the HoC voted down a Scottish National Party motion to scrap Trident 330 votes to 64.   Corbyn had directed Labour MPs to abstain on the vote as the Labour Party conducts a internal review of its own position but 20 of them defied the instruction with 14 crossing the floor to vote with the Conservatives and six voting with the SNP.

That review is developing into another omnishambles.   Maria Eagle, Labour's Shadow Defence Secretary charged with undertaking the defense review reacted furiously when she heard, via twitter, that 'Red' Ken Livingston (ex Mayor of London and former MP), an avowed opponent of Trident, had been appointed to co-chair the review.   She said she was not consulted at all regarding the appointment.     The appointment was also criticized by  Kevan Jones, a junior Shadow Defence Minister who queried whether Livingstone knew anything about defence.   Livingstone responded by suggesting that Jones was 'obviously very depressed and disturbed' and in need of psychiatric help.   Livingstone later apologized for the comment after being directed by Corbyn to do so and then, 24 hours later, backed away from the apology.

And to cap it all off and in a 'rambling' speech to the HoC on Monday when, commenting on the governments Strategic Defence and Security Review, Corbyn excelled himself by demanding that the government commit to the placement of a human rights adviser in 'every' embassy to monitor and advise on that country's human rights record leading to one Labour MP panning him for refusing to engage with the strategic questions and many others wondering what the reaction of the host countries might be.     Clearly another off the top of the head comment.

Later this week the HoC will vote on whether the UK should join the US, Russia and France in delivering airstrikes against IS targets in Syria.   Going to be an 'interesting' vote.   My pick is that Labour will vote against the motion in a three line whip which will see a number of their MPs cross the floor to vote with the Conservatives.

The ominshambles that is Corbyn continues while some in NZ Labour think he's the best thing since sliced bread.   Funny that.


Anonymous said...

So much spin and misrepresentation here that I don't know where to start. Why is it you drag the the most negative outlook on any situation in labour but overlook the obvious transgressions of National/Tory.

Gradually losing the will to live so I will point out your mistake on Livingstone. He did indeed address those remarks to Kevan Jones but unbeknownst to him and most of Parliament Mr Jones had been under a psychiatrist for depression at the time so a bit of parliamentary rough and tumble took on a more ominous meaning. Livingston said that had he known he would not have uttered those words BUT he had been called a lot worse in Parliament and nobody had ever apologised to him. Aren't they all just so precious.

Now the good news Trigger, Corbyn is trying to democratise the labour party by instigating electronic referendums for the Labour membership on important issues instead of decisions being made by vested interests. Yes, I thought you would be pleased.

Anonymous said...

Mmm..just looked at wot i rote. "Under a psychiatrist for depression" it's no joking matter :-)

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Rupert .. well, there goes again your claim to be apolitical. Pimping for Corbyn more like it and its not the first time.

This is all about the Corbyn train wreck with Corbyn in the drivers cab and refusing to heed the red signals operated by his fellow MPs. The Tory's couldn't have orchestrated it better and they didn't have to.

Everything I said was fact reported on by the BBC who at best is neutral and at worst is no friend of the Tory Party ... on balance, neutral I think.

I thought you were relatively well read on politics. FYI Livingston is NOT an MP and hasn't been one since 2001. So all this about being part of the parliamentary rough and tumble is a load of tosh. He made the allegation outside parliament and in the media and stood defiant for 24 hours until Corbyn, seeing the damage it was doing, was forced into making him apologize.

Livingston is a key Corbyn supporter. Many in the Labour Party consider it strange that a
person accused of cronyism and antisemitism and lambasted for his connections to Marxist
and Islamic politicians should have been appointed to co-chair Labour's defence review (and lets not even mention the fact that Corbyn didn't have the courtesy to brief his Shadow Defence Secretary (originally appointed to chair the review) on the appointment - she found out about it via twitter.

Your comment re vested interests is laughable. Corbyn is a Union man and wears that as a badge of honor. Are you suggesting that Unions ain't vested interests?

Anonymous said...

Merely trying to introduce balance to what is clearly a right wing rant.
Livingstone, whom I have no time for, was elected Mayor of London three times so he knows the ropes. I'm aware he is not an MP and I used the term parliamentary rough and tumble in it's broadest sense.

My last paragraph has been deliberately misunderstood, but you do that a lot in your less than balanced replies. The idea of internet referendums for Labour membership is to prevent the accusations of cronyism and Union influence.

I do take offence at the word "pimping" Trigger. Presumably your extolling the virtues of Judith Collins many times on this Blog is mutual admiration and I would never accuse you of being a pimp however your adoring public might very well take an alternative view.

You seem to not to understand the old axiom. In Capitalism man exploits his fellow man
and Socialism is the exact opposite.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Rupert ... sorry if the word 'pimping' upsets you and if you want to accuse me of pimping for JC go right ahead although I'm not sure she really needs me to sing her praises. Corbyn on the other hand needs all the support he can get because, quite frankly, he is a dead man walking in terms of his ability to lead and inspire his colleague MPs. Not surprising, he has always been a loner and never a team player. It is now, and always has been, his way or the highway and in that context there is a certain similarity between him and John A Lee.

Take what happened yesterday in the HoC. Cameron makes the case for airstrikes against Syria. Hillary Benn, Labour's shadow Foreign Secretary, comes out and sez the case was compelling. With Labour's shadow cabinet not having reached a decision on the question (expected to do so on Monday) Corbyn writes to his MPs and sez 'not on your nelly'.

Where then does that leave Benn, where does that leave the shadow cabinet, Does it mean that Corbyn expects them to be a meer cypher for him? I see the Beeb are now predicting resignations from the shadow cabinet over this.

Understand that old axiom very well indeed ... much prefer 'if at age 20 you aren't a socialist then you haven't got a heart; if at age 40 you aren't a capitalist you haven't got a brain'.

Finally, (and perhaps we can agree on this) for democracy to properly function the government needs to be held to account by a credible opposition. An opposition fighting among themselves ain't credible.

Anonymous said...

Don't get too despondent Trigger, it's early days yet. PMQ's was very illuminating yesterday. Cameron paid Corbyn a compliment and his tone was measured and not shouty.

Corbyns influence has been quite dramatic and this just by being polite and asking the right questions, Tory U turn on supplying the Saudi's with jail technology, U turn on tax credits which now remain in place and a better behaved HOC. It's only all bad if you want it to be and if you want to really know what's going on the BBC is not the place to learn. Dimblbys Any Questions on Radio 4 is the place you have to be.

Camerons bombing plan is a shambles but the electorate is in revenge mode so it will get through I suspect and no good will come of it.

Lord Egbut