Sunday, November 15, 2015


Been off line and why is irrelevant.

Only confronted the truly awful  murderous events unfolding in France late last night and now have  opportunity to review them.

Islam is front and centre, yet another atrocity perpetrated later on Friday ( main day for prayers and haranguing from mad Muslim clerics), innocent victims are among the over a hundred dead and still so many of those we elect to act for us cannot even whisper the words Islam, Koran, Muhammad or even mention clear religious connections.

The religion of peace has a leadership apparently totally muzzled from any meaningful comments of  acceptance of any responsibility.
A veritable phalanx of leftist appeasers seem to be unable to grasp that the actions of the rampaging killers were in any way acting at the behest of a religious dogma virtually unchanged over one and a half millennia.

For any thinking person to pretend that Islam is a religion of peace they should have their sanity investigated immediately.

Had Hollande not been attending that "Friendly" between his national football team and that of neighbour Germany, with his security in attendance, how many more might be being mourned.

The first four families admitted to Australia as the beginning of their humanitarian response to the mass illegal migrations from longdrops with Muslim majorities  two were Islamic and two Christian.

Forget the bloody flag, Republic or our form of monarchical democracy, if those elected to act in our collective best interests are going to sit on their hands shielded by a shiny arse we might just as well lie down right now while the few bravest amongst us die in vain.

A nutter goes rogue in the US with legal weapons, we get endless revelations as to race, mental issues, gun laws, and every wart and puss emitting little bit of background yet when 129 die from the employment of illegal weapons and explosives and the very belief system at the heart of an incomprehensible atrocity  is somehow not to be uttered.

This  post was triggered when Sky News coverage pixilated the dead being dragged from the exit of the concert venue.
They were dead, killed by deranged nutters and every bit of the reality needs exposure.
We are at war folks and even French President Hollande might be beginning to accept that reality.


Howie said...

You take moron to a fascinating new level. Angry moron on acid or something. Rrrrrr muzzies rrrrrr. Truly great analysis offering no facts, insights or solutions. You're not even smart enough to be labelled a wanker.

Paranormal said...

I'm surprised there has been no comment as to why they might have chosen Friday 13th as the Friday to attack.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Howie ... I despair, No facts you say. So 129 confirmed dead (with more likely) ain't a fact. Try telling that to their grieving families. Fact, IS or, as you so quaintly put it 'muzzies', have claimed responsibility for the attack. Is that an inconvenient truth or are you aligning yourself with Corbyn's Special Adviser who tweeted that it was the Zionists and Jews who were responsible.

I will happily debate with the left side of the political discourse but have to say you take crassness and bad taste to an entirely new level to the point where you damage by association those more reasoned champions of an alternative POV. Well done Noddy.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Here you see why I won't put up with this cretin on my blog.

Anonymous said...

A lot bile in this post. One dimensional. Now look on the bright side, all of those Muslim soldiers and sailors in the armed forces of Singapore and Malaysia are on our side, a comment from Veteran would be helpful here so we can put this hatefilled rant back in it's box. Oh I forgot it's the Muslim pilots of the Jordanian AF that are throwing themselves at ISIS. ISIS is to Islam as Zionists are to Judaism.

Of course the Muslim policeman killed trying to protect the Hebdo offices is largely forgotten. Now a word from the Veteran about his warm and fuzzy experiences with the Muslim soldiers of our ALLIES.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Just trying to put a little fairness into the debate, not a declaration of undying loyalty to the Labour movement.

very respected blog in the Huffington post:

Veteran....big news, Zionists are Jews. They are also the unacceptable face of Judaism.

And indirectly an obstacle to settling the Palestinian question which has driven the radicalisation of young Arabs for thirty years.

An nameless person of high standing in the landed Gentry.

Howie said...

"No facts you say. So 129 confirmed dead (with more likely) ain't a fact.

Not mentioned once in the post.

"Fact, IS or, as you so quaintly put it 'muzzies', have claimed responsibility for the attack."

Really? Coz if you read the post you will see the scary muzzies did it. All of them. See the problem? Your fellow bloggers are the most appalling simple-minded crypto-Nazis yet you're more than comfortable in the company.

The Veteran said...

Ok ... Let's put this in some perspective. You can't lump all Muslims together as supporters of terror neither can you associate all supporters of the 'left' with the views of Corbyn's 'Special Advisor' who had it that the Zionists and Israel were responsible for the Paris massacre (sorry Rupert ... got it wrong when I said 'Zionists and the Jews'). Reminds me of my history professor who said anti-semitism is the preserve of the 'hard left' and the 'fascist right'.

For Howie ... Be very careful in labelling my fellow bloggers as 'crypto-Nazis ... or are you setting yourself up to be banned from NM so you can claim some sort of martyrdom?

For myself and I will continue to refuse to demonise all Muslims as terrorists or even potential terriorists because to do so you are effectively declaring war on 1.5b people but certainly there is a minority of Islamist extremists who are engaged in waging war on western civilisation and these must be dealt to as you would deal to rabid dogs ... and in that context thank God for the SIS and GCSB and our m'ship of 'Five Eyes' and for echelon ... Remind me again, who wants to neuter them? Plenty of support there.from radical Islam.

The Veteran said...

Rupert ... not sure that you can put 'Huffington Post' and 'respected' in the same sentence.
The HP and Hillary are hand in glove puppets of each other but, to be fair, I'd take Hillary over Bernie Sanders any day ... her principles are for walking.

Anonymous said...

Still trying to find any reference to Corbyn's advisor mutterings. I would be grateful if you intend to quote people that you supply a reference. Bald statements that do not give the reasons for ones belief are a bit like candy floss, looks good in a picture but has little substance.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

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