Monday, November 9, 2015

Sounds Great Andy But!!

In reality shallower than a supermarket car-park puddle and that is being generous.

Media are lauding a "Break Through" speech by the current occupier of NZLP leadership for his totally inept "Three Policy Objectives" -  "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" as he launches another year of hope over substance.

Breaking News Angry, Socialism has failed across the world in all its guises.
Oh Scandinavia and Germany have created some degrees of wealth for many of their citizens from a combination of diligence, hard work and employment of natural resources with degrees of welfare on board.
 France and the PIGS have lurched from crisis to crisis under various regimes of wealth redistribution but Europe is now facing something  spawned by the attractions of welfare that has millions seeking a free ride to utopia doing to Europe that they managed with most of the leaky boats they rode across various parts of the Mediterranean in, overloaded and doomed to sink.

Prosperity Angry, will continue to grow from innovative, creative and productive embracing of as yet undeveloped resources in our little bit of paradise that are in abundance.
Growing stuff, turning that stuff into something an economically advancing world actually wants and is willing to pay for.
Digging up stuff that at present has value an increasingly educated world needs before some smart buggers find they can substitute it with something else.
Providing platforms and opportunities for advancing technology in an attractive environment for such advances.

Just shouting a meaningless three word slogan and hoping enough stupid people will believe that Government can create jobs, is not the answer and if it was then it was a monumentally stupid question.

Some real answers to make NZ a better place economically.
Encourage investment and accept that some of it might appear to make a house in Auckland dearer.
Stop threatening to tax the bejesus out of wealth creators with promises to give that tax to couch spuds who contribute zero to a better society.
Stop cuddling criminals who did bad things and will suffer consequences when incarceration becomes a last resort. Most New Zealand voters can work out that State run prisons have bad things happen just as Serco run holiday camps do.
Accept that in a seriously challenging economic environment some of our Health system has delivered well under Ryall and Coleman and seek ways to make it better instead of having one approaching septuagenarian  status, quoting a seemingly endless parade of individuals who may be suffering a minor failure in the treatment they receive and have a look for a truly innovative and aspirational way to improve it for all New Zealand.
Tell Kelvin Davis to get the hell out of Christmas Is, Manus Is and Nauru or any other domestic detainment centres that sovereign Australia chooses to employ as border protection and temporary shelter for bad buggers who they have said will be deported. His attempts to challenge the sovereignty of our neighbour to appear attractive here at home, is downright embarrassing
Stop bad mouthing everything the current government does as a tactic and start looking for at least some positives in what they deliver and find ways to make it better
Maybe accept that you do not have anyone with the intellect or presentational skills of your joined at the hip melons, with Genter, and tell telly tubby to take a long cruise with his beloved Alf. Simon English is no tower of strength but he makes Fatty look stupid every time and that is before he stands up.

One last bit of advice tell Aunty Annie to move along as at three score and ten next election she aint no Churchill.
Oh and tell her to take the tired old hasbeens with her with Jacinda to drive them all to a retirement home then stay and look after them.

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