Monday, November 9, 2015


Have to say I would welcome having a 'jar' with Lord Nobacon sometime.
He demonstrates a certain breadth of knowledge that make his contributions far more interesting than the rants of the likes of Howie.

And so it is that I would be interested in his take on the latest saga involving gods gift to the British Conservative Party, Jeremy Corbyn.   Yep, I know his shills would have it that the masses are flocking back to the Party encouraged by his determination to rid the Party of any and all vestiges of Tony Blair's 'New Labour' legacy while ignoring the fact that Blair was the most successful Labour Party leader of modern times.   But it's hardly a good look when your Chief Policy Adviser has been suspended from the Party for supporting a candidate from an avowed anarchist Party over the duly selected Labour candidate (paradoxically, that person was Emily Benn, granddaughter of the veteran left wing Labour Party politician, Tony Benn).

Even more surprising the fact that Corbyn is doing a Tammy Wynette and is  'standing by his man' in defiance of the Party.   All this against a backdrop of MPs seemingly divided with the 'Blairites' having taken control of several key portfolio committees including the Party's Foreign Affairs Committee with the Committee Chair, Mike Gapes MP, on the record as saying "there is now no collective shadow cabinet responsibility in our Party, no clarity on economic policy or leadership" ..... oooouch.

A house divided etc .......... sage advice, not new and repeated by the President of the NZ Labour Party in his address to the faithful in Palmerston North over the weekend.   Wonder if  'they' are listening 'over there'.


Nookin said...

I enjoy his Lordship's comments. There is a depth there that he unassumedly disguises. Howie, like his predecessors the Judge and ETC really contribute nothing but sarcasm and ridicule which I find irritating and discourages discourse. Not that this should prompt a change of policy on your part. I still read your blog daily and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right Veteran, its all a bit of a mess but us old buggers do not fall for alarmist headlines of the NOW generation. We just think back to the political assassination of the late and great Margaret Thatcher where the Tory party almost disintegrated.

This of course let that little toad Blair and his spin doctors in who in turn let the banks off their financial leash. The rest is history.

Kind words Nookin.

Lord Egbut Nobacon (one G)

Anonymous said...

Talking of Bliar (corect speling) nice photo.

Corbyn went to such extraordinary lengths to avoid dining with Cameron and Bliar he stayed and applauded the vets as they marched past.

What a crass display of sucking up to voters, he could have been having a free dinner along with a decent claret instead of standing in the cold..

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Hmmmmmm ... good on him. Somewhat better than a certain NZ High Commissioner (you know the one) who refused to get out of his car because it was raining and he had forgotten his umbrella. Not sure whether that was before or after hew tried to apply for the Brit OAP and got slapped down by H1 in the process.