Sunday, November 1, 2015


Only three things need be said .....

Arise Sir Steve
Arise Sir Richie
Arise Sir Dan



gravedodger said...

They did it in style.

When Smith Ben went to the naughty chair and Kurindrani scored, that was when finals footy as opposed to regular Internationals becomes evident again to those who understand.

At 21/17 after what I wonder why was not a penalty for the smashed Wallie scrum in an eminently kickable spot became a Pocock try with a Foley kick to close to four points.

I can now confess the four hundy I bet with ABs head to head, Psst it was really $4.00.

Thank goodness it was only a game!

Howie said...

What about Sir Ma'a, if you're handing knighthoods out? Not a real New Zealander?

The Veteran said...

Howie ... do you work on being offensive or does it just come naturally? Well done on introducing racism into what should be a joyous occasion. Ma'a Nonu is right up there but, between him and Carter, and I'll go Carter.

Howie said...

Why is it a choice? You're handing them out like lollies at a 4 year old's birthday party, and now you're all like, I can't give Nonu one 'coz I'm giving it to Carter. Surely you can give them all one, including the ones whose parents might not have been born here. And why does the coach get one? He didn't take a single tackle all tournament. It's weird, that's all.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... you know and I know that knighthoods are not given out 'like lollies'. Three is pushing the envelope but I chose the three men who impress me the most ... and, in Carter's case, buttressed by the fact he was named MOTM.

I suspect you don't know too much about sport because if you did you would not be downplaying the role the coach had in the team's success.

But thank you for injecting a racial overtone into the post. You're all class ... NOT.

Noel said...

" Surely you can give them all one."
Three Knights automatically attaches three Dames.

I don't know why we brought those titles back.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... no it doesn't. The spouse of a Knight is entitled to be called Lady (not Dame) ... not all choose that i.e. Hekia Parata (spouse of Sir Wira Gardiner). 'Damehoods' are awarded in their own right but for some reason (buried in antiquity) the spouse of a Dame is not a Sir i.e. Dame Augusta Wallace (while Neville remained just that).

You don't know why 'we' bought those titles back ... easy, it was a 2008 manifesto commitment endorsed by the electorate.

Can I make one further point. Some might take umbridge to it but, if you do, please try not to indulge in the petty one-upsmanship so favored by our friend Howie.

Many might have missed this but at the end of the game the camera panned to SBW on the ground acknowledging his God and good on him. SBW is Muslim. I once again plead for people not to characterise all Muslims as evil. Some are and chose to pevert their religion to justify the unjustifyable. But the religion should not be judged by them in the same way the Catholic Church should not be judged by the actions of errant Bishops and Priests or say the Baptists by the antics of the breakaway Westboro Baptist Church. Well done SBW. I've had some doubts about you but you did us proud. Thank you.

Sideshow Bob said...

Arise Sir Ma'a.

Anonymous said...

With Helen Clark as PM, NZ never made it past the semis.
With John Key as PM, we've done nothing but win.

Co-incidence? :-)


Anonymous said...

Coincidence ChrisP? Only to those whose grasp on reality is slipping.

Rattue must also be a reader of this blog :-) He sums up nicely wot I rote yesterday.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Lord EN ... interesting article but I'm a tad surprised Japan didn't rate a mention. As for Jerome Kaino being his Player of the Tournament ... big call over 'Stormin Norman Mk2'.

Anonymous said...

Just a few things that may have escaped you about all the hype around RWC and it's business partners (business is good). Any sports journalist who writes a disparaging article about the tournament becomes persona non grata from the inner circle and his editor is gently reminded where the money lays. And God help any cameraman who lets his lens stray over empty seats. The manipulation of sound and directional mics gives the TV audience the impression that it is all happening when in fact the whole thing is rather muted in the preliminary matches.

This explains some the most ridiculous reporting I have ever seen in the early stages and the silly press release that 5 yes 5 million people in Japan watched the Jap match. Ummm, that's 4% of the pop, more people watch their humiliating game shows.

The RWC have boosted the the TV numbers for years and in 2007 breathlessly told the world that 4 billion people watched the final. At that time the TOTAL TV audience in the world was 4.2 billion.

The bottom line is that 95% of the TV audience comes from five countries. The claim that it is the second biggest sporting event in the world is bordering on delusional.

Quite simply you are not allowed to dispute their claim that this was the most exciting RWC and best final ever. NO, the best final in my view was England/Aus when it hung on dropped goal with seconds to go, that was nail biting stuff. But no, the spin doctors and PR gurus like to tell us how we should feel and what a good time we have had and how brilliant the rugby was..

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... but hold on, professional sport, any sport, is a business. Bums on seats is a a bonus with the real money coming from media rights/sponsorship/advertising. And if that is right then of course those that pay the piper call the tune.

All I know is that I got a kick out of watching both the ABs and Japan play. Yep, in the great scheme of things Rugby is a relatively minor sport (but growing fast in nations like China where it is now an official sport of the Peoples Liberation Army). League even more so along with Hockey, netball and softball but, in the end, so what, each code has its own player/fan base and, if they are getting a kick out of it, then who are we to knock them.

One hopes that Rugby will never go down the road that FIFA has trod and lets not even mention cricket.

Anonymous said...

Unless things change it will become a FIFA road as the money is is to much for human nature not to do what it does best.....get greedy and fuck up.

My concern is that the gulf between Nth and Sth Hemisphere rugby will become so great test rugby between the two will be reduced to exhibition matches. The truly exciting rugby will be found in the Super 14, six nations and French club rugby all between teams of equal standing.

The things that breed rugby players are largely missing in the UK and northern France, benign climate, plenty of easily accessible grass, and a national will. From to Rio to Soweto from Morocco to the back streets of Manchester all you need is a flat surface of any material to kick a football around.

Charlie Lines makes my case on the economic Gulf between football and rugby supporters a very privileged, privately educated 15 year old from a wealthy middle class family. Twickenham would have been stuffed with such people who are the only ones able to afford a ticket but they love rugby in a gladiatorial sense even if they don't know the rules. Never mind, it's a favour in the bank and if SBW falls on hard times he can always call on Charlie when he is a successful lawyer/doctor/civil servant.