Friday, November 6, 2015


Ron Mark 'served' and for that he has my respect.   What I don't have too much respect for is the way, either by omission or commission, he is happy to give out the impression that he served with the NZ Special Air Service.   He may (or may not) have completed a SAS selection course but the reality is that he was never a badged member of the SAS.   He wouldn't know the difference between a ripcord and a pajama-cord.

But what really gets up my nose is his apparent need to be seen as outdoing Winston in headline grabbing and for that I suggest he should watch his back less Winston does a Williams on him assisted by Martin.

For Mark it's a case of never mind the quality (of the debate) feel the width of my invective.  His xenophobic attack on Melissa Lee in discussion on the Shop Trading Hours Amendment Bill being progressed through the House right now is a case at point.   All Lee did was to point out that when she came to NZL 30 years ago we appeared (to her) to be out of step with much of the world in terms of shop trading hours.   My observation on that is that any New Zealander who had spent any length of time o'seas then (and earlier) would say amen to that.  

And Mark's response was to tell her that if she didn't like it here she should go back to whence she came (Korea).   Both xenophobic and stupid from a small man with small man syndrome.

Stupid because Mark ended up in the Ayes Lobby with National voting for the Bill ... sigh.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Laughable is that the bloody twerp is WinstonFirst spokesperson on Defence. He was a bloody RNZEME Vehicle Mechanic FFS! He would know less about military tactics than your average Infantry Lance Corporal.

His latest article in the New Zealand Herald includes a claim by him to have served 6 years in the Middle East. One year with the MFO in the Sinai as an observer or more likely as the Vehicle Manager and two years with the Sultan of Oman's Army many years after the conflict in Oman doesn't add up to 6 years. Neither does either give him a skerrick of the combat experience that you and I have.

I have a secret hope that the facts about his 'service' are clearly held by someone on the Government benches who will use the information at an appropriate time to nuke the bumptious little prick.

Anonymous said...

Wife and I bumped into him a couple of elections ago. I asked him about his polling and wife voted tactically based on his advice. He was bullshitting of course and it was a wasted vote. I've not forgotten.


Shelldrake said...

Technically speaking he was serving in Oman as a mercenary garage attendant.

I thought we had laws about mercenary service.

His military service claims almost equal those made some years ago by that marauding medic, Geoff Bray Brooke.

I am surprised that someone from "God's Children" has not brought out the real facts of his service with the SAS.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Of course Skid Mark isn't the first of the Winstonfirst veterans. There was also Bill Gudgeon who purported to be ex NZSAS and a Vietnam Veteran. He was neither.

If I was Winston I would be building a huge mistrust of ex Military people.

It stuns me the number of ex Military who think Mark is Christmas on a stick [check out his facebook page]. He goes out of his way to get 'selfies' with senior Military people.

Much embarrassment to come methinks.

Anonymous said...

Total military and operational experience of the last 10 Ministers of Defence - 0.0 years total combined experience.

That is a laughable embarrassment.

The Veteran said...

Shelldrake ... what service with the SAS?

Anon ... can I suggest to you that military and operational experience is not a requirement to be an effective Minister of Defense neither is it a requirement for the Minister of Fisheries to be a fisherman nor the Minister od Transport to be a bus driver etc, etc. What matters is their ability to advocate for their portfolio in Cabinet.

But you are dead wrong in your assertion anyway. Bob Tizard (No 10) saw service in WW2 while Wayne Mapp (No 3) was a Major in the TF where he served as an Intelligence Officer.

Suggest you do the research before opening your gob.

Anonymous said...


There is a tenuous connection between our hero and the SAS. He was responsible for the service, maintenance and resupply of the British SAS Landrovers that were NOT in Oman at the time if you get my drift.

A good friend Cpl Vince T. remembers him and to be scrupulously fair he did the job well.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

paul scott said...

Oh God Big deal. Lets think of a name to call .