Monday, November 9, 2015


fact ... the 'detainees' on Christmas Island are rioting.   Facilities in the Detention Centre have been torched.

fact ... Aust media has reported that New Zealanders are at the centre of the riot.

fact ... Kelvin Davis has visited the Centre and is in phone contact with several of the inmates.

fact ... Kelvin Davis is on the record as saying the the place was ready to 'explode'.

If it is found that Davis has, either by omission or commission,  in his 'discussions' with the detainees, contributed in any way shape or form to the 'disturbances' then he has no option but to resign.

p.s.  How is it that crims, both here and on the other side of the Tasman, have found an sympathetic soul in Kelvin Davis.    By their 'friends' you shall know them.


Psycho Milt said...

Fact: Australia has introduced indefinite detention without trial on a latter-day Devil's Island. If the detainees riot, it should surprise no-one. The only ones who should be drafting resignation letters are anyone who had anything to do with creating this outrage to civil liberties in the first place.

The Veteran said...

PM ... not our country. They make their own laws and are answerable for them to the Aust constituency. As I understand it the law relating to the deportation of criminals found guilty of a sentence where they served twelve months or more in prison was passed unanimously in their Parliament. If you are referring to the detention of illegal migrants ... what part of illegal don't you understand. Queue jumpers at best ... and then the others.

Allan said...

I think that if I was in the same situation and had seen what was obviously going on at the detention center ie give a monkey a little bit of power and a uniform scenario I would tend to react in the same way. The new Australian Immigration laws have obviously sparked the situation of unintended consequences and a lot of people who are not obviously squeaky clean but have been caught out by the stupidity of the new laws are really peeved. Although I am a person of right wing tendencies I have sympathy for those who are caught up in the current situation and have a certain amount of sympathy for those who are prepared to stand up to the gorillas who are employed as staff in places like Christmas Island. It is quite obvious that anyone with any amount of integrity or intelligence would not countenance a job there so you can only wonder at the average IQ of the staff that are employed in a place like that.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

There are Kiwis and there are asylum seekers.

The Kiwis are free to go but remain to better fight their case for Australian citizenship. They do not want to live here. They have no desire to be NZ citizens yet expect (at least via Kelvin Davis) NZ to fight their corner.

I am more concerned about the asylum seekers who have not committed crimes that we know of beyond queue jumping.

Psycho Milt said...

Unlike the people idly sitting in the government chairs in Parliament, Davis has stirred himself to actually take an interest in the fact that a foreign government is subjecting NZ citizens to detention without trial on a remote island. No doubt that's embarrassing for the government, but sometimes embarrassment is good - it's a reminder you're doing the wrong thing.

Anonymous said...

I have just watched Keys response, a mealy mouthed, it's nothing to do with me response couched in diplomatic language was just cringemaking...............he called the detention centre a "correction facility' which is is not. It is a place where those who are deemed undesirable are concentrated for processing......A concentration camp. The inmates have "cellphone capability" well strop my socks that makes thing OK then... CHARGE OR DISCHARGE.

The Aust Govt. know they can get away with this as the one democracy in the world who could stop it with a slight shake of the head has so much blood on it's own hands along with abuse of due process......... Guant√°namo Bay.

We supposed to set an example to emerging nations and when one of our trading partners or treaty Allies tries the same thing then we have painted ourselves into a corner.

The decision to use Christmas Island as a concentration camp shows a willingness to flout the law of their own country and a decision by parliament to ratify this situation does not make it right, think of the 1936 German Parliament.

I do not think for one minute these are the Veterans views. He is trolling to get hits and manipulating our emotions in order get a pavlovian response. No one with any sensibility would want to point score on something as awful as what has been done to these people. This is beyond National good, Labour bad blogs and it call for a united response

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Tinman said...

Typical of his kind Davis is simply using NZ slime to shit-stir.

PM The NZ citizens are there because they don't want to be NZ citizens.

They are also crims with serious convictions and I have no sympathy at all for them.

Allen has a point, it's not fair on the Ocker workers.

I suggest the Ockers pull all their staff out and let the scum bastards fend for themselves.

The Veteran said...

Lord E-N. See my original comment to PM. This is Oz. They make the calls in accordance with their own laws passed unanimously by their parliament (in respect of the deportation issue).

We're talking about New Zealanders who have, for whatever reason, turned their back on this country. We don't owe them overly much. The are there because of their own actions and they need to accept that actions beget consequences.

I hardly think that rioting is going to help their case in convincing the Oz authorities that they deserve a second chance.

As for the concentration camp bit. You do the victims of the Nazis a disservice in equating what they went through to the conditions on Xmas Island. No ovens, three square meals a day, medical treatment, recreational facilities ... give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes Tinman, well put. Its nice to see that someone has courage to bring a mind unencumbered by social conscience and point of law into play.

Well done.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

Veteran, you being disingenuous not to mention dishonest in your response. You know from past posts that you are aware that the Germans in 1937 called their detention centres concentration camps after the British camps in Sth Africa because it had a benign meaning. It was a place where you concentrated people. In Malaya and Vietnam we called them fortified villages but the same principle applied.

It was only after WW2 when the horrors were exposed the name concentration camp had the opprobrium attached to it.

If you for one moment support detention without trial in any circumstance then you are one step closer to being a fascist. There, happy now? When the bell rings I will salivate and come to dinner.

Noel said...

I love the way the Aussies have conned us into parole costs for people tried under Australian law. But hey it's now our country.

Psycho Milt said...

I see from the news tonight that the Prime Minister of New Zealand's official position is that it's OK to detain New Zealanders indefinitely without charge if they've been previously convicted of offences like rape or child sex abuse, and objecting to such detention amounts to supporting rape. That, apparently, is what passes for leadership in this country, at this time. I'm going to have to learn a new accent so foreigners don't associate me with the place.

Noel said...

One of the reasons the Aussies moved the Kiwi's north was to distance many from their fellow gang members in prisons in Sydney and Melbourne. And those gangs aren't established Kiwi ones.
So as well as paying parole costs which should be born by Aussie we have already taken Australian gang members before the new parole laws came into effect.

If that's not bad enough the NZ Government is going to have to bring in reciprocal laws, if it hasn't already done so, to enable them to be imprisoned in New Zealand at our cost for breaching parole for laws they were incarcerated for in Australia.

Veteran so much for your claim that "not our country. They make their own laws and are answerable for them to the Aust constituency" copout.

Anonymous said...

Some of these people are really bad eggs but some of them, and I speculate when I say they are in the majority of the bitter enders, committed minor crimes sometimes decades ago. They are hanging on because they are married and have children who are Australian citizens and their choice is get on a plane with a suitcase and a $100 and never see their families again or wait for an almost non existent appeals system which seems to turning over at a snails pace in the hope that they will crack and opt to leave. Most would have exhausted their financial means by now.

It is a point in law where once you have paid your debt to society you are free man and cannot be banged up again for the same crime unless it is a parole offence... To be punished to this extent is clear breach of human rights and common law. Which is why the whole mess has been located offshore.

Quite simply I could process two men a day to establish their flight risk, ties to their community, likelihood of re offending, financial standing and job prospects.

Why is taking forever to do these simple things????????

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned for these Christmas Island residents..........

Psycho Milt said...

On further reading, it's even worse than I thought - the Prime Minister of New Zealand's official position is that it's OK to detain NZ citizens indefinitely without charge if they committed any crime at any point in the past (or even if they didn't), and anyone who objects is supporting rape and child abuse. What a sack of shit.

The Veteran said...

Anon 8.20 ... you are putting words in my mouth, don't. When have I ever said that I support detention without trial. The detainees are not facing trial. They are being held pending their deportation in accordance with the laws passed (unanimously) by the parliament of a sovereign country. Sure they don't like it, sure they're upset. And if the truth was known I don't particularly want to see them back in NZL either but that's not our call.

We could of course put sanctions in place against Aust to force them to change their mind ... LOL.

Anonymous said...

I think this article puts it all in to perspective considering that in the recent past everyone was blathering on about a liquor license for group that have more criminal convictions than any other in NZ,

Now the question that should be asked is "How many residents of the UK are in detention and what is their Governments official line"

Surprise me!!!

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Shelldrake said...

A few questions.

Did all of those commenting actually watch the entire period of question time yesterday? Are they aware of Kelvin Davis' media stunt outside the house before Question Time? Did they detect the agressive nature of Andrew Little's primary and supplementary questions. Did they note the faux outrage of Robertson, Lees-Galloway and Hipkins?

Probably not. They are relying on the highly edited MSM comment.

It would be useful if we had more detail on the detainees. Not names but complete details of their total criminal offending.

By the way, what about their victims. Not hearing much about them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The information you seek has just been put up at Kiwiblog.

Yes, predominantly Maori and PI murderers, child molesters and rapists.

A massive own goal by Kelvin Davis and Labour.

Shelldrake said...

What about the "War Hero" on Stuff. More great journalism. The truth is different but not dramatic enough.

Noel said...

I say when they land send them straight back.
Why should we pay to investigate the potential risk, pay for their parole and if they break it pay to put them up in New Zealand prisons for crimes committed in Australia under Australian law.

If Australia wants to send them back its on them to provide firm evidence they are not a risk to new Zealander and have completed their parole in Australia.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


"Why should we pay to investigate the potential risk, pay for their parole and if they break it pay to put them up in New Zealand prisons for crimes committed in Australia under Australian law."

Here, I'm entirely in agreement with you.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... how do you send deported New Zealanders back to Oz ... what airline would carry them with their passport tagged persona non grata leaving our only option to put them on a C130 and have them do a touch-and-go at Amberley and push them out of the ramp!!!! You've really lost me on that.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


"put them on a C130 and have them do a touch-and-go at Amberley and push them out of the ramp!!!"

There are some who think your solution would best be carried out from a much higher altitude.