Thursday, November 26, 2015

No Closer, Please

Yesterday a bush fire burned for about twelve hours along a front of some some forty five kilometres, right into the Barossa Valley, driven by 35 degree temperatures and thirty knot winds gusting to fifty knots.  To make matters worse wind direction kept changing through the day.

Twenty single engine water bombers operated off the local strip, about one km from our place and a C130 and DC10 from Richmond air base in NSW were deployed.  Strangely they had to return to base to refuel.  You'd think the RAAF would have fuel tanks at Edinborough air base just down the road, wouldn't you?

Fortunately for us, the fire passed us by but only by four km or so.

Two people were killed and thirteen are seriously burned.


Nick K said...

Struth! Stay safe.

Nick K said...

Are you going to the cricket?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Unlikely. Can't drive after dark. TV will be find.

Fancy playing with pink balls!

gravedodger said...

In my thoughts must be bloody awful, kindest M.

ps interesting sunset here and I guess they will get even more dramatic.

The Veteran said...

echoing Nick's and GD's sentiments.

Anonymous said...

[Yawns] Been there done that.,,.

And it wasn't for the love of $$$

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

There is an expressway between us and the fire zone. Where we are, the fire came within four ks of the expressway. Luckily, the wind did not change. Further north it jumped the expressway (50 knot winds do that) and in what I think was an horrendous event, destroyed a piggery with 2,000 sows in it. Yes, two thousand. The only redeeming factor might be that the poor bastards would have died of asphyxiation before they were burnt.