Sunday, November 22, 2015


Amidst all the hints that too many choose to ignore or as a minimum claim are no threat to our way of life, there is a chipping away at many of the hard won freedoms and marker posts of life, many of which have origins in the Christian faith and Judeo Christian history.

Most New Zealand citizens accept that 'live and let live' is sufficient to morally and socially rule everyday life within the constraints of civil law from  elected, albeit temporary rulers and correctly object strenuously when self appointed arbiters make rules outside the democratic process
The Ten Commandments from the old Testament still have a resonance and reason for living in peaceful coexistence where offence at any or all the "ten" can be avoided by removing ones self from them and their accompanying restraint.

However the one and a half millennia of Islam has evolved no such self management system and if they are offensive to them or a threat,  real or imagined, they must be removed with  violence if necessary.

So a woman who has a wish to dress in a way that offends a sicko adherent to the unchanged religious mores of the 6th century,  she  must cover herself to ridiculous levels so other sickos will not be inflamed by the sight of a naked ankle, ear or mouth and should a bit of cleavage be exposed then a good summary pelting with rocks will solve the problem.

Should a person have a wish to drink some fermented grape juice or a solution of fermented grain water. that too is an abomination and must be punished. Of course  such sinning can be indulged in so long as it is a sheik in a Nevada house of gambling and not some poor bastard in his homeland. 

It is ok for a soldier of Islam to place a pork sword in a goat, a slave, a conquered female or a child bride but then fervently and hypocritically see bacon and ham as unclean !

That mess of pottage has lily livered polies, national and local plus an army of enablers competing to  win the world cup for appeasing.

A "prayer room" in case an employee wants to bash their head on the floor five times a day.
Remove the Red Cross from services provided by that august body to all in need.
All food for sale must be "Halal" so a poor sad thick Muzzie wont ever be induced to sin in  error.
Of course annual renewal of said Halal certification with accompanying fees never accounted for or taxed by Kaffir polies will be required.
Separate exclusive times in public swimming pools for the followers of the one religion of "peace", provided from the rates of all the captive funders without a shekel from Islam.
No taking the urine around the paedophile prophet, his image or his teachings on pain of death.
It is laudible for a kaffir to convert to Islam but the other way round and lots of shrieking, slashing and death will ensue should any Moslem decide to leave the incestuous snake pit where centuries of offensive disregard of Christian based separation for breeding has avoided increasing levels of congenital deterioration.
A cross on a Christian church hall is offensive yet tossing a homosexual,  whether a follower of Islam or a Kaffir, from a third story window and stoning the poor bastard if he moves after impact is somehow OK and not offensive.
Total subjugation of women treated as chattels and denied any desire to learn or become independent, yet socialist luvvies who wail about fairness,  equal pay, equal opportunity continue to give unqualified support and succor to Islam.
Using women and children, their places of sanctuary and healing, as shields for the soldiers (advisedly)  of Islam as they continue a crusade against Judaism in general and Israel in particular.
Accepting the basic tenet of Islam that lying, cheating, fraud and deception is OK when employed in the pursuit of the advancement of the one true religion.

The ultimate insult to the increasingly secular 'west',  now Christmas is cancelled.
What started out as a pagan mid winter festival that was usurped as a mechanism for converting the heathens by making that great opportunity for feasting, drinking and merriment a celebration of Christendoms son of God's birth is offensive to the Johnnie come lately Muzzies who have placed their bloodthirsty, sexual deviant who made a name for himself some six centuries after the birth of Jesus, in a place of ascendancy.

So Mr Mufti and all you other dictatorial megalomaniacs, how about a 'Give a Little Page', as it seems to me you have not moved at all in 1500 years and those of us who you seek to defeat and subjugate, have advanced socially to a position where you bastards are easily able to take advantage of our kind and generous forgiving nature. You can bomb, shoot, maim ,stone and denigrate to your hearts desire with what seems apparent ease.

I am no longer a Christian in my heart but I am very accepting of much that the Judeo Christian heritage and mores I still live by have imbued me with but they are increasingly being tested and taking Santa away  is a step too far.
I have no interest in how you feel about our annual festival and holiday break so I don't care if you continue to bash your head on the concrete and claim your mob to be the one and only, coz I have a sneaky feeling that the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Shinto, the Jeddi and all the other true religions don't give a tinkers cuss about your mob but nearly all of us Kaffirs  have some residual concerns for the goats and are mightily appalled at the recent manifestations of your fifteen hundred years of uninterrupted  mayhem.

Here is a suggested compromise to the so called leaders of Islam, hows about a rethink before a twenty first century megalomaniac puts your homelands into a glass house.
I don't suggest you cannot win but present thinking has the odds no better than when the crusades challenged your self belief at the gates of Vienna over four hundred years ago and the roll back began.
Whatever happens and who wins will be of little matter in the end games because eventually the basic human spirit will desire freedom and although you have a reasonable following from the  masses you control currently, eventually the truth will out.
Education and free thinking tend to achieve that outcome.
Hell I didn't think for a moment, until it happened that the Wall would come down as it surely did.


Howie said...

Christ on a bike, what capacity for unmitigated drivel you have, old fella. Just out of interest, given you think that Muslims pose an existential threat to you, what do you think should be done? Thirty words or less. Careful now.

The Veteran said...

The Village Idiot strikes again ... and the Muslim terrorists did not pose an 'existential threat' to the 130 dead on Paris. Try telling that to the grieving families and I think you might find that it's not just Muslim fanatics that stone people to death.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I don't think Howie really knows what the word 'existential' actually means. He heard it in some Jack Ryan movies a year or two ago. But by hell, it makes him sound intelligent.

The Veteran said...

For myself I thought 'Howie' and 'intelligent' was an oxymoron.

Howie said...

I know most far right lunatics find it hard to distinguish between ISIS, terrorists and 1.6 billion Muslims (they all scary Mooooooslims!), but it's the consistency with which you display and then deny your bigotry which kind of looks willful. So a simple question: what's your solution to the existential threat Muslims pose to you? Or perhaps they don't today?

Look, I can tell by the abuse you're flailing around and I understand that most slow-witted tories struggle with this stuff, but I'm trying to clarify things for you. Who are you so afraid of?

The Veteran said...

Howie ... don't you remember commenting on my post 'IS vs US - The End Game' where I set out the solution as a saw it. Clearly your memory is failing too ... sad. Still, Corbyn needs his shills and you certainly qualify as a Corbyn shill even though many of his own MPs have turned their backs on him.

Not my words either ... this from that well known right wing trash tabloid 'The Guardian' .

"Jeremy Corbyn may have misgivings about shoot to kill, but few of his own MPs seem to share them. Sitting next to the leader of the opposition for the prime minister’s statement on the G20 summit and the Paris attacks was Hilary Benn. The normally mild-mannered shadow foreign secretary gave every impression he was trying to eliminate his boss with mind control and a rictus smile. Disappointed to find Jezza still breathing, he left without saying goodbye after 45 minutes.

Other Labour MPs chose to kill their leader by vocalising their whole-hearted support for the prime minister’s tougher stance on terrorism. One by one they rose. Pat McFadden. Mike Gapes. David Hanson. Chris Leslie. Emma Reynolds.Chuka Umunna. Anne Coffey. Ian Leslie. Even the usually on-message Sarah Champion. Et tu, Sarah? There would have been more, had not the Speaker curtailed the debate. Not even in Iain Duncan Smith’s darkest hours had a leader been turned on so openly by his own party in parliament."


Howie said...

"Howie ... don't you remember commenting on my post 'IS vs US - The End Game'"

It's not my memory that's failing, pal; I didn't comment on that post. It was way too confused and trite. Can't answer my question?

The Veteran said...

Howie ... my apology then ... thought you and Rupert were one and the same with you being Rupert on a bad hair day.

Anonymous said...

What is it about the words fundamentalism and extremism that you do not understand.

Take very broad brush and paint the world in the same colour is your idea of informed debate.

Now if you are so well informed tell me about the "Lords Army" a group of murdering, kidnapping thugs that have been terrorising Uganda and surroundings for the last ten years under the guise of Christianity and of doing the Lords work. They have clocked up some impressive kill ratios.

The selective bile that you put out is not only factually wrong and misleading but also encourages those of limited intelligence to engage in equally nonsensical rubbish.

The only way Trigger could comment on this post without contradicting himself from previous posts was to bring Corbyn into it for what ever reason???????

Noel said...

"Now Christmas is cancelled"
All stories of shires, councils and the like have been proven to be hoaxes.

Only place where it's banned is Hooterville.

Anonymous said...

A boy in my class at school along with his friends beat a homosexual to death in Hagley Park ChCh 1965.

I had no idea that he was an Islamist extremist.

Why don't you come out to play Mr Dodger instead of propping up the bar in the pavilion.

Lord Egbut