Wednesday, November 4, 2015


One has to sympathize ... or perhaps not.    But when the people turn their back on you it has to be 'all over rover'.    And so it was at the official welcome to the ABs at Victoria Park in downtown Auckland when Len Brown was introduced to the crowd ... the deafening silence was deafening.

And then the ultimate insult ... just as he began his speech where he sounded like a hyped up evangelist from some 'holy roller' temple TV1 cuts to a commercial break.  

One suspects that right now Len Brown would experience real difficulty being elected a ward councillor in deepest reddest Manukau such is the contempt that people now hold him in.  


Ra said...

I watched on T.V. 3.

There was no ad break, however Len Brown was booed when he spoke. How embarrassing.

Howie said...

Yah. Bring on John Banks. Yah.

Think he'll go begging Kim for an anonymous donation this time though?

Budgieboy said...

How should John Banks go about it Howie? Hide it through a trust like Len Brown did? You're happy when it's done that way aren't you?

Howie said...

No, he should be far more honest and transparent. For example, he could take a helicopter to the Dotcom mansion for lunch, receive two cheques for $25k each, lie about the whole thing for months (ummmm I can't recall, he's a married man, cabbageboat!), deny knowing Dotcom at all, then finally tearfully admit half of it when all the evidence and photographs emerge. Far more accountable to do that right? Next mayor of Auckland! Or perhaps Maurice Let-him-of-he's-rich Williamson? The options on the right are boundless.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... get a life. This post is about YOUR poster boy ... a second rate conveyancing lawyer who cheated on his wife, the one that took freebies in order to cheat on his wife, the one that lied about rate rises under his watch, the list goes on and on. No penalties though for your boy who continues to have his feet and snout in the trough.

Banks paid a very heavy price for his dalliance with crimdotcon. Resigned from parliament, lost his wife. Tell you something though ... I'd invite Banks to dinner over Brown any day.

See that Goff in gearing up for a shot at the mayoralty is giving the public fingers to his Party with his support for the Shop Trading Hours Bill. Just a tad opportunistic don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Given Bank's business track record and rather louche attitude towards to the truth I would advise you count the silver afterwards Veteran.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Paulus said...

How about Judith Collins for Mayor - she is no longer wanted in Parliament thanks to the Media Party.
And wouldn't that be a shit fight for Goofy ?
Like Goofy she does not have to leave the Wellington trough until elected.