Friday, November 13, 2015


So hard on the heels of the staged walkout by a ragtag bunch of opposition female MPs from the House and the faux outrage expressed by them for being accused of shilling for rapists and child sex offenders we have the extraordinary spectacle of Jan Logie, Green List MP, going on TV to argue that not all all rapists are monsters.  

You access the interview here.     So, in 45 seconds, she destroys single-handed the supposed high moral ground argument by those pretending to take offence at what the PM said.   Condemned out of her own mouth.    What next ... that child sex offenders are misunderstood; that murder is but a cry for help from victims of society!!!!! ... give me strength.

Clearly a case of Ms Logie carried away with her own importance and the experience of being interviewed on prime time TV.    John Key will be 'impressed' with her naivety.  Meanwhile her erstwhile colleagues will be cringing in disbelief at her massive own goal.


Shelldrake said...

Which village is missing it's idiot? We really need to enforce a requirement for a basic level of intelligence in our MPs. Login, De la Hunt and O'Rourke should be pushed to the front of the line.

Anonymous said...

I thought parliament was supposed to be 'representative' of wider society. Blah, blah....cultural representation and gender equality but how about fair representation in term of aesthetics.

Take a look at the still shot in this story:

I could photoshop a snap of my ballbag onto that and it would blend right in.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What's got me beat is how these Labour fools think this stunt will do them any good with swing voters.

Anonymous said...

I am gob smacked at the shallowness and lack of intelligence of the Green Party MP's Wussel was an idiot followed closely by Catherine Delahunty however the naievity of Logie certainly leaves a lot to be desired. The unfortunate part about the whole situation is that the long suffering taxpayer is forced to pay these clowns a wage that by far exceeds their intelligence or ability. This is one of the major problems of MMP as these idiots do not represent any electorate and by the grace of an idiotic electoral system they are able to get themselves into Parliament. I do not know why the MSM gives them oxygen as the utterances that are forthcoming from these oxygen wasting idiots are just not worth publishing.

Anonymous said...

You ranteth too much and readeth too little. I did mention that that there are many degrees of individual crimes and where rape is concerned it ranges from teen age fumblings with a willing girl aged 15 years and 11 months to being knocked on the head and dragged into an alley.

I have no time for people who say yes means yes and no means no because sometimes yes means no when revenge or money enter the equation. I do really think you have over stepped the mark this time as it is also diluting the debate about Xmas island.

Just a question. How can a child aged between one and 10 "turn his back" on a country he knows nothing about?

Demonise the incarcerated and declare that anyone who is actually trying to do something as a political opportunist. Win win

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Ah Serco, those wonderful people who brought you Xmas Island.

Serco have just discovered what the Germans knew all along, Bulgarians and Romanians make wonderful prison guards. Well these days they are in UK and will work for bottom dollar.

The Veteran said...

Gueez MiLord ... words fail me ... it is Logie who has diluted the 'debate' by her inane remark and given credence (if any need be given) to the PM's retort.

But I can understand your concern when one of your star witnesses goes feral.

Please don't deliberately misrepresent my position. How many children aged between one and ten are awaiting deportation ... answer, zip, zero. It is the parent awaiting deportation that has turned his/her back on this country and, on the matter of 'readeth too little' it might be helpful if you bothered to read Ministerial Direction 55 where the Minister in making the decision whether or not to deport must take into account the effect the order might have on any family members remaining ... an inconvenient truth perhaps but the truth nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Your comment in previous posts "Those who have turned their backs on New Zealand".

As a large percentage of those incarcerated left their home countries, NZ included, as children without any option my comment was.. "How can a child aged between one and 10 "turn his back" on a country he knows nothing about?"

You choose to misunderstand when it suits you or you do not readith the runes. I feel uncomfortable reducing this subject to a political point scoring exercise on who said what.

As compassionate man (I hope) who now has most of the facts of the human misery for thousands this act of Parliament has caused how does this all fit in with what you fought for.

And no, I have no intention of reading any ministerial directive. These are written by those of a bureaucratic mind who act out of self interest whether it's choosing the criteria of those who go to the guillotine and those don't or which streets parking restrictions apply.

I feel sorry for you if you think that all human emotion is reduced to the importance of a political point of view. Pointless trying to tell you I am apolitical.
You just will not listen.

Lord Egbut

Perry said...

What was the head jerking all about with Logie? The phrase "silly chook" sprang to mind.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... nah, I understand very well. You claim to be apolitical but the reality is somewhat different. In your many, many posts you have aligned yourself with the 'left' POV. People know exactly where I stand and I make no apology for that. In your case, if you are seen waddling, have feathers and quack then don't be upset if people mistake you for a duck.

AS for s501. A law passed by a sovereign country by a democratically elected parliament.

The PM has made it clear our position on the issue in a one-on-one discussion with Turnbull. The 'left' have chosen to elevate it to the level of microphone diplomacy and when has that ever worked? Davis calls the PM 'gutless' on the radio and repeats that in a carefully 'staged' confrontation on Key's way into the debating chamber designed to boost his own profile. Key answers the question and Labour refuses to listen and the rest is history with Logie making an absolute fool of herself and laying bare the total hypocrisy of those claiming the moral high ground.

I accept you see yourself as a compassionate human being, you probably are and I applaud that. Compassion is evidenced in many ways. You can argue that compassion can be shown by requiring people to take responsibility for their own actions. You can argue that is is showing compassion by standing up for the victims of crime. Put simply, compassion is not a one-way street.

Have you ever thought about joining this blog as a writer with total freedom to say what you will?

Anonymous said...

What a very strange world you live in veteran. Everything is black or white and nothing in between. All you appear to see is what someone did or did not say in the debating chamber and how man points were scored for "your side". Debating chamber, oxymoron if ever I heard one. Who cares?

For the last two elections I voted National, with some misgivings in certain areas, but now due the excesses of the incumbents I will probably vote Labour. Then after two terms when Labour excesses go to far the other way I will vote National again. It's called balancing the books. One party states of whatever the colour are not nice places to live,