Monday, November 23, 2015


Two days into a campaign and all  we have is a Tui Advert.

After  forty six years as a member of the NZ Labour party a weedy little lying hypocrite who first came to national prominence as a long haired hippy protesting the efforts of the free nations trying to thwart world domination by Marxist one party states in the continuation of the movement that over threw the Tsar and proceeded to slaughter their opponents real and perceived in a  consolidation of power by any  ruthless means available.

That callow youth then spent those forty six years in total support of the left and far left of NZ politics. Even giving total support to the Douglas reforms that ended state control of the economy to the dismay of communists and fellow travellers who fractured the grand old socialist fortress by departing.

Goff's total subservience to any current program that the socialist left, in a personal pursuit of becoming comfortably wealthy, is littered with obfuscations, alleged lies, somersaults in personal philosophy and even reaching a pinnacle very early by spitting on young men returning from a war many wished to erase from our history when the reality was they were doing their duty under the high command at the behest of an elected democratic government in service totally lawful and honourable.
 Disrupting memorials to servicemen and women in annual ANZAC services, defacing and disrespecting cenotaphs under cover of darkness, and anti social behaviour, no protest was too disgraceful or disgusting for Goff and his mob.

Then came opportunities for real power and opportunity to make a difference, first under the Lange/ Palmer/ Moore governments when without any recorded real difference of opinion just acquiescence, then under The She Beast who it is alleged  placed all the testicles of males in her outfit in a jar on her desk and the good little follower took every opportunity to gain sustenance from the ever expanding food hall with its ceremonial "Trough" always well stocked with the servile air of a eunuch.

With the departure of the aitches to the UN an opening came along that was grasped with unseemly alacrity without any understanding of just how badly damaged Labour really was and after a three year armchair ride where the fool acted as if it was a foregone conclusion that he would reach the ninth floor by just staying alive it all ended with a "gee what happened there. Must have been someone elses fault. Absolutely no recognition of the fact Key was a formidable opponent with a wide understanding of how to make the highest office his, that the NZLP was broken financially, politically and in available  personel.
Three years of lethargy and confusion and a thumping at the ballot box, he was replaced with a succession of inept equally deluded leaders and it still never dawned he and his vehicle had no policy, appeal or drive to become the government. Just another four years slurping the magnificent rewards at the trough and finally when a morally and politically corrupt Mayor with only massive rates increases, growing overheads and increasing traffic chaos to show for six years of Super City mismanagement plus an apparent successful transition from national to local political sinecure by an equally inept old socialist in The Village of the Damned, Mr Goff has decided perhaps he does not have a future in the parliament and what better way to wind down a gluttering career than a term as the next biggest office after Prime Minister, Mayor of Auckland.

As if the prospect of a man with absolutely no experience or concept of how any business works in a real world, the poor deluded Muppet, thinks he is the man for the job.
How do you know a politician is lying, watch their lips and when they move it is certain. Just as his old colleague Ms Dalziel stood in the Grand Hotel bar a couple of weeks before she defeated Paul Lonsdale in a one on one discussion of her candidacy  and stated she was no longer a NZLP person and was seeking election as mayor for all the people of the City when it is never going to happen and subsequent events have born out her perfidy.
Hell within days Lianne was openly campaigning for Potato Williams in her old seat, sorry muppets that was not working for all the Citizens of Christchurch.
Just as Goff's equally corrupt claim he was running for the Super City Mayoralty as an "INDEPENDENT",  that dear boy is just the first of many falsehoods you expect the voters to believe.
That said there was not a skerrik of incredulity in the straight faced acceptance without question of every single media hack involved in and around his announcement
Active membership since the tender age of sixteen, unquestioned adoption of Labour policy, and totally supportive actions will not be erased that easily, so how about a new beginning and proving by actions rather than spurious claims eh.
Not a great start with a promise not to sell assets you shallow bloody idiot, it will not be yours to deliver, a majority of the councillors can easily put that empty bit of rhetoric in file thirteen within weeks of the election.
So how about a relaunch next Sunday where you end the troughing as MP for Roskill, collect your nads from wherever Helen left them and maybe announce what you will really attempt to achieve as leader of the City of Sails.

I wont be waiting, as after 46 long years the only way a leopard will change it spots is by rotting as a corpse and even then the hair colour can endure for many months.


Paulus said...

Surely he knows how to run his play farm in Clevedon.
After all it is far enough away from his voters in South Auckland, and far enough away from his rarely visited Mt Roskill electorate. A shit fight has started already for this seat as little miss pony now has a million dollar house in Auckland and Helen promised this seat it to her. She cannot get one anywhere else and may not get this one either.
Now we will see liar Goff in Auckland more regularly not getting votes for the mayoralty which the media seem to have anointed him - so why have an election.
He has the same attitude as the current Liar - spend your money and anybody else's money he can get.
He appears to believe that the role is Mayor of All New Zealand, not one city and that everybody else shall pay for his profligatory desires.

Allan said...

Independent my arse, from his initial comments Goof has shown that he would be as bad as if not worse than Brown. They are both tarred with the Socialist brush. Goff has sucked off the hind tit of the tax payers for over 30 years and his Politics have gone from supporting the wonderful years of Rogernomics to the disastrous years of Clark and Cullen. The man has no moral compass or fiber and bends with the wind in order to protect his position or job. He would be a disaster for Auckland and one can only hope that the voters of Auckland see through this fraud. Auckland deserves better than this.