Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday's Fulminations

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gravedodger said...

To those who suggested the McCaw presser should have been postponed, bollocks!

Scheduled and the sudden unexpected, always have a potential to clash, yesterday at NZRFU HQ was a normal situation and the impromptu unfolding was polgnant and handled well.

A classic "life goes on" moment.

Two of the greats of modern rugby exit stage left and we were privileged to have witnessed it in real time.

gravedodger said...

Am I the only one who thought Turnbull gave an impression of leg humping at APEC.

At least the 2015 shirts could be usedfor gardening!

Will the Paris chicken feeding come to pass or will fear overcome indulgence.

The Veteran said...

Luv the 'leg lumping' bit. Can anyone see Andrew Little afforded anything more than the 'time of day' at similar events.