Sunday, November 29, 2015


Anyone want to bet a chocolate fish that the Adelaide test will go into a forth day?    

Lotsa of hype sure but when 25 wickets fall in just two days somethings not quite kosher ... pitch, ball, night, good bowling, bad batting or perhaps a confluence of all five.

Not gonna talk about the third umpire.   Nuff said even by the hard bitten Oz commentators.


pdm said...

Poor technique by both sides, allied with some ruishes of blood by players established at the crease are the main reasons as far as I can see. The bowling has been good and in the case of NZ their best of the series but lack of patience and an inability to adjust to a swinging ball are the main reasons for the low scoring.

Too much T20 hit and giggle cricket is a big factor and neither side shows an inclination to bat time to get the runs needed.

Until his dismissal today Santner really impressed me in this test - but the shot he played when stumped was utter stupidity and he let himself down with it. Having said that he should consolidate his position at 6 as he is technically a better batsman than both Anderson and Neesham and he looks a tidy bowler as well.

I will be watching through until the bitter end tonight - whichever way it goes.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

We wuz robbed. Even my Aussie mates are disgusted by this episode.