Saturday, November 14, 2015


I thought I had a small modicum of  respect for Annette King as a balancing influence to the excesses of Little in his attempt to shift the Labour Party towards the Union left.    No more.

Driving home at 4.00 pm there she was on Newstalk ZB blaming the Paris terriorist attacks on the US invasion of Iraq.   No mention at all of the 61 NZL troops deployed there in September 2003 in operation Task Force Rake in a decision taken by the Clark Government where she was a senior Minister but dishing it to the Key Government for the deployment of the training team currently in Iraq.  It was all anti US rhetoric that Jeremy Corbyn would have been proud to utter.

But nothing, zip, zero, in condemning the Islamist/El Quada/ISIL terriorist attack in Paris.   I choose my words carefully but King, in choosing to pan the West as the root cause of the attack and, by extension, excusing terrorism, has my utter contempt.

That Labour should be so stupid as to align itself with terrorism, is simply beyond belief.

Two huge own goals in four days takes some doing.


Anonymous said...

This is becoming tiresome. 99.9999% people on the planet have no idea what she said or didn't say nor do they care. Something terrible has happened and all we get is you cheerleading the national party as if that is the panacea of the worlds ills.

Is it possible you have an interest outside of politics that might entertain and inform us.

Lord Egbut

"By extension" a bloody long lead.

Anonymous said...

What is becoming tiresome is a person so self important he gives himself a pseudonym starting with Lord, and a belief he needs to belittle every post he so so condescends to read.

I value Veterans opinions and real life experiences over your theoretical life any day

Anonymous said...

So tell me about my life experiences and where I am lacking. Better still tell me about your achievements on the world stage. As we are all chundering on under pseudonyms
I'm surprised you take any of the posts that seriously.

Obviously "Lord" upsets you, so you can call me Rupert. Friends now?

Lord Rupert Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Rupert ... this is serious. A terrible tragedy and the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party blames it on the US and you dish me for pointing that out. Your claim to be apolitical has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. Go on, own up, Chardonnay socialist to the core.

I like the Rupert bit ... definition ... "an officer of the upper-middle class or above who has a total lack of skill or common sense". You chose it.

Shelldrake said...

Right on subject Vet. I also recall that the squadies believed that if the Ruperts were horses they would hesitate to breed from them.

JC said...

"if the Ruperts were horses they would hesitate to breed from them."

Which reminds me of the Officers Mess one evening discussing the latest escapade of Reggie.. he had been caught screwing his horse.

A newcomer asked "Male or female?"

"Good God" cried one of the regulars.. "Mare of course.. nothing queer about our Reggie!"


The Veteran said...

Rupert ... even better this tweet from Wesley Brown who tags himself as 'Husband and Father, Labour Party Activist. The New Politics, Special Adviser to the Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP .... and I quote "The Paris attacks had nothing to do with Islam. The Zionists and Israel must take full responsibility for this deadly massacre".

This after ISIS said it was 'them'.

But of course I must accept your word that 99.99999% of the people on this planet will care not a tuppenny f**k about this but, I suspect your poster boy might just.

Anonymous said...

I thought Rupert exhibited a lot of common sense in his adventures although his colour coordination was suspect and a bit camp I did like his yellow and black scarf. Of course there is evidence that he was a Labour mole.

Lord Cecil Egbut Nobacon