Monday, November 30, 2015

A Plilanderer And A Drunk

There's been a reshuffle over at  the Labour front bench.

If New Zealanders are stupid enough to vote Labour into power, here's what they'll get.

"Mr Little said Labour intended to put up Trevor Mallard as speaker and Ruth Dyson as deputy speaker if it was in government after 2017, so both were outside the shadow Cabinet."

As well as Phil Goff to continue the crucifixion of Auckland's rate payers.


Anonymous said...

Don't care for your comment young man. As I am both a philanderer and an enthusiastic tosspot and in doing so manage a successful company. In my view anybody who is not one of the above lacks humanity and should not be put in charge of an ice cream van.

Let him without sin chuck the first brick.

Paulus said...

Mallard is not the only Philanderer on the new Union Labour front bench.
At least he did not pinch his sick best friends wife ?
He will be further well in his dotage before he gets to be Speaker.