Monday, November 30, 2015


scottish flag photo: Scottish flag q-icon-scottish-flag-31.jpg

Our NZ flag incorporates The Union Jack along with the Southern Cross.

The Union Jack is made up with the red cross of St George and the two Saltires of red St Patrick and white of St Andrew.

That white saltire on blue has much for me as all my anticedents came to this nation from Scotland, some as a direct result of the Highland Clearances where in an almost genocidal move the renters were foreclosed and ended up in abject poverty, in the case of some of my ancestors on the seashore at Thurso.

Then my high school was St Andrews College where things scottish loomed large with Presbyterian religious influences, pipes and drums of a remarkably successful band on the international stage, and austerity from presbyterian scottish traditions loomed large.

Today is St Andrews Day so oat porridge, haggis, Burns poetry and malt whiskey all become likely plus a team of tennis players from Great Britain with two Scots in the Van have overnight won the Davis Cup. The great irony has the brothers Murray as winners being British on this momentous occasion and the cynical knowing that had Belgium prevailed they would have been tagged as Scots.

So a toast;
Her's ta us, thems like us, damn few an the're all deed.
Slange Var.


Noel said...

Oh damn I wish you had told me that before I threw away the flag choice thingy.

Anonymous said...

Just like that famous New Zealander Jona Lomu.

Geography for Dummies.

United Kingdom.....England, Scotland, Wales, Nth Ireland and dependant Territories.
Great Britain............England, Scotland and Wales only.
British Isles …… Britain, Ireland and all islands including the Channel islands.

A citizen of Nth Ireland is not Irish he is an Ulsterman.

Confusing isn't it?

Lord Egbut