Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why The Feral Hatred?

Tony Abbott - 2010.jpg

Tony Abbott demolished the very dysfunctional ALP in what was described as a significant victory two years ago.

On his journey to that success, he defeated Malcolm Turnbull as Opposition leader by one vote when against the "Milky Bar Kid", Mal was going nowhere.

A very focussed and motivated opposition leader, Mr Abbott soon had KRudd on the ropes so Shortonbrains and the faceless men knifed the bleeding KRudd and installed the very dodgy union backed Gillard who in the midst of a honeymoon period managed to stave off the Abbott machine with a convoluted and largely corruption tainted series of manipulations to retain power, albeit as a minority government.

Through all the Abbott successes the man was a distinct target for a focussed attack from the Media, the intellectual elite and the Unions with a palpable feral dislike in abundance.
Eventually the negativity prevailed and the man who could never have won a federal contest from opposition, deposed Abbott in a coup d'├ętat with the "born to rule" albeit Shallow Mallow installed as PM.

The Media, totally and blissfully unaware as to what they had really  wrought, have given Mal a honeymoon that just goes on and apparently have not yet noticed what the moves against Abbott have delivered for their current luvvie in Chief,  Shortonbrains.

As if Sob does not have troubles enough from the Heyden Royal Commission into trade Union governance and corruption where his use of Trade Union funding to promote his career has been exposed leaving him wallowing in the preferred Prime Minister stakes. So bad in fact, running fourth as his party's preferred behind Alabanese who he defeated head to head, his current deputy Plibersek and even the finance guru who failed repeatedly to get a budget surplus, Wayne Swan.

In the meantime the deposed one took an opportunity to address the Margaret Thatcher Lecture and tell Europe they are making a pigs arse of the Migrating young men from Islam and their very sovereignty is at stake.

When Stop the Boats was the Liberal battle cry almost every opinionated commentator said it could not be done and now after no illegal arrivals in over two years Australia has regained its Sovereignty thanks to that uncompromising policy under Abbott, Scott Morrison and the ADF, "Operation Sovereign Borders".

Now because Tony A had the temerity to address a bunch of the ruling Conservatives on the massive problems facing Europe from the Migrating, overwhelming  young supposedly single men of Islam flooding into the soft underbelly of Europe, intent on accessing welfare and sanctuary in northern member states of the EU, Tony Abbott is being mercilessly attacked again by the Print Media and the ABC back in Australia and it is sickening.


The Veteran said...

Does anyone now really dispute that Enoch Powell's 'rivers of blood' speech was too far short of the mark? And in that context one would be rather stupid to dismiss Tony Abbot's speech as the musings of yesterday's man.

Howie said...

"Does anyone now really dispute that Enoch Powell's 'rivers of blood' speech was too far short of the mark?"

Anyone with more than half a brain-cell to rub together. Counts you clowns out though.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... Then explain that to the family of Trooper Rigby if you dare. Waiting ...... The silence is deafening.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the speech Mr Abbott made and he did it extremely well (you might of linked to it) and if there was ever any doubt that he is the most capable leader for Australia then that should be dispelled.
Usual Aussie traits of pomposity on show but I would suggest a future job for him of educating the dummies running whats left of the west. Mind right now he is probably being rounded up for deportation by the multicultural PC clowns that run the UK.