Friday, October 16, 2015

Who Would Know?

Is there anybody out there who understands what the NZLP position on TPP is, in truth.

Using  accepted means of informing oneself via; on line media, radio, blogs, watching the "sandpit" activities in the Parliament leave me rather puzzled.

The Melons, other anti trade dropkicks and the ultimate personality cult are all predictable if somewhat in denial, have all left no doubt, so nothing changes there.
However the minority Party with delusions of grandeur from past glories who were torpedoed in the last days before the signing in Atlanta by their most government leader who as  Prime minister, started the TPP off over a  decade ago after delivering NZ the very economically lucrative FTA with Mainland China, the current rabble under their fourth leader since the end of The Clark regime have almost as many positions as they do MPs.

Absolutely no Idea is euphemistic.


The Veteran said...

I don't think they know themselves. They moved from an essentially bi-partisan position on trade issues to a 'National bad' stance. In doing so they raised all sorts of bogypersons (have to stop this pc crap) only to be left high and dry when it was revealed they were boxing at shadows. Then, to cap it all, their leader emeritis, pulled the rug from under their feet.

Bewildered would be a better description ... and then came the sucker punch with the announcement of Bill's surplus.

One suspects their caucus is not a happy place.

The Veteran said...

I see Mr Goff has broken ranks and effectively told the Labour Party leadership that they don't know diddly-squat on Trade ... that the TPPA is good for NZL.

So, that's Little dealt to. Now Peters, Shaw and the Gucci Sheila ... although for the latter two the TPPA seems to have taken second place to their proposal to reward gender over competence. Ah well, there's always the Professor to keep shouting wolf.