Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Where Are The Gun Control Lobby?

Video has emerged of a very unsteady twelve year old wielding a rifle making a  failed attempt to hold up a Kaitaia Dairy.

Accompanied by a fifteen year old accomplice, cctv recorded  the perp weaving his way to the counter and when the Indian Lady grabbed a broom and chased him out the door he is alleged to have attempted to fire the rifle but it failed.

This morning on 'Hosking Breakfast', an enabler made a pathetic defence of the little scrotes effort.
Apparently it was my fault as he came from a troubled childhood and I along with the rest of NZ are failing the poor wee boy.

When I was twelve I was hunting with a .22 single shot rifle, I was starting to notice girls, I loved sport, I had no money, the rifle and the ammo were from my fathers locked gun room with permission, consent and my parents were aware what I was doing and where I would be doing it.

The rifle was never loaded until a shot was on offer, it was never carried loaded, it was never presented or aimed at anyone, the ground behind the target was assessed for safety and if the shot was not taken the rifle was unloaded and the action fired.

I understood clearly other peoples property had no rights for me.
A policeman was the law.
My elders were my betters.
Right  and wrong were clear and non negotiable.

The person Hosking interviewed suggested the "troubled pre teen" was a product of society.
Utter Bollocks, in an age where social workers are carping on about disadvantage and confused thinking, why are most twelve year olds avoiding getting pissed, taking amphetamines and attempting to rob a neighbourhood dairy while this sad little scrote was being 'Jesse James' on 'speed'.
How come there is no respect for the Dairy owners property, how come there is no understanding that stealing is wrong, how come there seems to be zero respect for the dangers of firearms.
It is alleged the twelve year old resisted arrest and assaulted the police.

In an age where "Marae Justice" is promulgated as a solution how come  the community that spawned this little bastard is apparently powerless and not responsible?

Perhaps the Marae community has failed and it is not my fault at all.

There has been comment on the hunter who shot his twenty something son in reasonable light but dense bush on Stewart Island, because he apparently shot at a "head " and it didn't belong to a deer. He did however seem very distraught as he pleaded guilty yesterday in Invercargill DC.
When that poor wee boy appears in Youth Court and is given total name suppression I wonder if the anti gun lobby will have an opinion. As in where did he get the rifle, where did he get the booze and the drugs, where were his family and his wider community.
We all know his family, close and extended will be there giving their support, pity is it is not only too bloody late it will be totally misdirected and inappropriate.

The Twelve year old is the victim here, it is just too easy to get that wrong I guess.


The Veteran said...

GD ... we have heard this time and time again. The refusal (especially by Maoridom) to accept responsibility for parental failings. No, you haven't failed this scroat ... put the blame where it fairly lies ... fanau, hapu, iwi.

Recently I had a discussion with a respected Maori colleague of mine about this. I asked him why you don't see and hear senior Maori kaumatua making a stand and bringing the full weight of their 'mana' to bear on the issue. His response was fascinating. He said that with very very exceptions male Maoridom have walked away from the problem preferring to direct their energy in other directions ... treaty settlements and growing cannabis (his words). They have abrogated responsibility to female Maoridom and left them to pick up the pieces without any support.

Out of the mouths etc

Paulus said...

I read recently that such children are probably the product of Consanguineous Relationships which may well account for the increasing state of some feral children in this country.
In Europe this is becoming one of the fastest rises in the mental state of children to a serious degree.It is where families internally procreate to increase their numbers, and so so between brothers and sisters, cousins and uncles - not forgetting fathers.
In UK the Health Service do not know what to do as they do not have the facilities any longer to look after these rapidly increasing mental retards. These are families of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, where other serious physical problems are of rapidly serious concern.
New Zealand must be cautious as to the Refugees we take - seriously

The Veteran said...

Paulus ... Maori refugees? I guess in one sense you could be right. Children refugees from their own families.

Mike said...

Bring on eugenics I say stop the bastards from breeding