Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wendy Wants, Wowsers Wail.

World Cup rugby is played at various times mostly before the day kicks off for fans here down under.

An MP with some understanding as to how the average fan might want to indulge, ACT's David Seymour, introduces a bill to bypass the wowser mentals who have sway over who can sell booze, where and when.

"Oh no we will have thousands of drunks on the streets when little impressionable minds are being transported to a place of learning, drunken men will be giving the missus the bash before breakfast, debauchery and mayhem will be all over metro NZ, establishments can apply for a "Special Licence" at a cost that will make opening to allow patrons to watch RWC on big screens a problematical exercise."

Well no, nothing of the sort in fact, in fact I am unaware of any surge in anti social behaviour from Seymour's eminently sensible and sane action that the parliament embraced apart from the metronomically retarded melons who seem to have an unerring instinct to misread all but a moronic 10% of voters.

I found myself parked in a rugby ground  in Mt Somers under the foothills of the Alps over the long weekend with nearly 60 other mobile homes, where some people with sufficient brain cells to make sensible decisions arranged with the Speights Tavern nearby to open for Breakfast at 0400 hrs on Sunday morning.
40 people made it an occasion as the ABs thrashed the Boks by two points, consumed an included eggs, bacon, hash browns, Mushrooms breakfast with a bottomless coffee cup for $20 a head and not a drunk in sight.

Anti social behaviour fuelled by alcohol happens and all too often from drinking at home, because too many Citizens have an immature and idiotic attitude around alcohol and other substances that lead to abhorrent behaviours.
Personally I am a closet wowser around drinking and watching sport, paying $8 for a 300 mm plastic bottle or cup of beer is not good value, just as the thought of buying a hamburger from a fast food chain while on the move having a requirement for alcohol accompanying is in the ludicrous file.

Sometimes however and all too often in rather incongruous circumstances either swmbo and/or self has a desire for a beer or a glass of wine with a lunch or other casual  meal but there are an army of functional disabled who want to dictate when, where, and why I should be denied that simple right.

Wendy's is a franchise chain that I have never patronised so for now I have no interest in whether a Hornby (in the rapidly expanding west of the village) fast food outlet sells alcohol.
What does light my afterburners is the cacophony of protest that such an application has engendered.
The most serious problem we face is the immature and indescribably stupid attitudes we as a nation have made the norm around such commercial decisions.
"family restaurant" my arse, Wendy's along with KFC, Maccas, Subway, Burger King and all the others are "CONVENIENCE" food outlets and if one such operator sees a potential for increasing the service offered by including alcohol sales then get over it.
There is absolutely no way the wowsers can prevent Mr and Mrs Citizen buying a burger from Wendy and a bottle or two of plonk from the nearby Pak n Save and sitting in their car for a romantic liaison.

For all that is holy get over yourselves and Ms Vicky Buck, Deputy Mayor of the village of the damned, you are a big target here, get back on your high horse and sought out some real problems, puleese.

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