Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Secret Is Out, Damnation!

Now someone has told Little Andy, NZ has a South Island.

In a bold move the present Leader of the Opposition, no not Winston the other one on 8%, has appionted Dr Megan Woods who inherited Wigram from The Troughmaster General, opposition spokesperson for Canterbury.

Of course Angry's mob are in trouble in the Village.
Lianne with the bendy elbow and a rather tatty idea that after a lifetime in the 'red zone' became Mayor over Sir Bob Parker being the one tawdry win for the Liarbour  mob.

Sure Potato won Dalziels seat but they lost the party vote (the one that matters) .
Poofy Milne handed Central back to Nikki Wagner and the Party vote was worse.
"Wine Glass" Dyson clung to Port Hills over a very  strong Nuk Korako who did her like a dogs dinner with a National Party vote two to one.

Now Angry's little ( well not so little really) pony is going to make it all great again.
And I have some bridges for sale.

Dr Megan Woods is a deep red Socialist who has about as much idea of how things really work as a demented Chua Chua, yappy knows what food is for and is just a nuisance underfoot.

As some retarded  souls think Graeme Lowes "pretty little thing" is a Deputy leader in waiting the total dissembled thinking is, well benighted, so it is with the pie scoffer who thinks she is a saviour.

A few pointers for the answer to Gerry;
1 Lose a few pounds well more than a few really, yes I know Brownlee is fat but he is not trying to win he is winning.
2 Drop the Doctor, Ok you have a Phd in History but that could be usefully applied if you studied just how the NZLP is trending historically.
3 Get a new Hairdresser that trendy cut is not the look. It might be teenybopper image but maybe a more professional look might be what voters will notice.
4 Try Meg it might just be a bit more user friendly.
5 Cease and desist with your misguided embracing of the debate around Ecan, The commissioners have made its functions much more acceptable, well as acceptable as any bunch of interfering busy body pretend bureaucrats  with little idea as to what is needed, can be.
6 Try aspirational and stop the endless negativity.

Back to that Phhht in history
Christchurch has been a NZLP fortress since 1946 until Nicky Wagner narrowly defeated Lord Burns Of Marlborough after a judicial recount in 2011 and then gave Rainbow Milne his beans three years later after suggesting the boundary changes had given the LP an unbeatable advantage.
The Peoples Republic almost always ticked the red box until the Key issues arose and since 2008 it has been rough waters as more saw the light.
The relocation of households from quake damaged homes in the eastern heartland has not shown any significant blip in the growing ascendancy of National in Waimakariri and Selwyn with their arrival in those electorates so methinks Meg, you have to consider doing things in a seriously different manner if you are going to be of any assistance to the most recent discoverer of the South Island.


Anonymous said...

Maybe labour's problems stem from an inability to reinvent themselves as slightly left of central. In Britain, Labour became New labour but here National have done that so there's no room. In any case they are a bunch of tired Fabian Socialists without talent. My position is awful as I don't much like any of the choices. ACT may be worth watching but even they are not tiny government orientated enough for me.


pdm said...

3.16 - the problem ACT has is that it seems to have lost it's New Zealand wide network. It used to be quite strong on the ground in Hawkes Bay through the `Grasshopper' (I think that is the right name) group that defected from National 20 or 30 years ago. Now there is no sign of them so I assume they have morphed back into National.

If ACT want to get past the one seat, largely irrelevant, status they presently have they need to rebuild through the country and I do not see any signs of them even trying to do that in recent times.