Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The Tory's have pulled off a stunning coup with the appointment of former Labour Cabinet Minister, Lord Adonis, to head their new infrastructure body with a mandate to turbo-charge major infrastructure projects in the UK.  

Lord Adonis (Andreas Adonis) was the policy chief in Tony Blair's government before  his elevation to the House of Lords in 2005 when he became Minister of State for Education.   In that role he was the driving force behind the academies programme (read charter schools) which replaced failing and under-preforming comprehensive schools with all-ability, independently managed academies, run on a not-for-profit basis.   By the time he was promoted out of that role in 2008 133 academies were open for business and another 400 were in the pipeline.    Independent studies by the National Audit Office and the London School of Economics attest to the success of academies in raising educational standards.

In October 2008 Adonis was moved to the Department for Transport as Minister of State and 8 months later was appointed Secretary of State for Transport.   In that role he championed High Speed 2, the high speed link from London to Birmingham and the North of England.   His plan was picked up by the Conservatives when it came to power and taken forward largely unchanged.  

Adonis has a track record of pragmatism over ideology.   Clearly that puts him at odds with Corbyn. He has resigned the Labour Whip and will sit on the cross-benches in the Lords.

He will be vilified by the hard-left as a class traitor and that is a cross he will have to bear.   Clearly he considers it all worthwhile.    Question .... is he the first of many to jump ship from Labour's Titanic.    Time will tell.



Anonymous said...

Phew, the mainstream media are sticking the boot into Corbyn left right and centre. It all smacks of over reaction and panic.

Lets see what we have. A man with no dress sense, who dresses inappropriately at special occasions, does not believe in personal abuse and turns the other cheek, derided by the establishment and treated with amused contempt but actually has the establishment running scared, a pacifist and a vegetarian, answers questions honestly to the best of his ability, a track record of really caring for people in general and his constituents in particular,
Well that's enough about Ghandi, lets talk about Corbyn.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Nah ... it's not the MSM ... it's his own Party.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same party that has just signed up it's 170,000th new member in one month?

The Veteran said...

Anon ... and how many have they lost? Yep sure, the true believers like Galloway et al, encouraged by the likes of the Communist Morning Star which has hailed Corbyn as the best thing since sliced bread, have rushed to join. I applaud that ... last time that happened was under Michael Foote when the Labour Party obtained its lowest share of the vote since 1918.

Those the fail to learn the lessons of history .............