Tuesday, October 20, 2015


with the resignation of  Lord Warner from the Labour Party.    He will now sit on the cross-benches in the House of Lords.   Winter was Health Minister in Tony Blair's government from 2003 through to 2007.

His resignation letter to Corbyn was devastating in its bluntness .... "Labour was no longer a credible party of government in waiting" and " I have watched for some time the declining quality of the Labour Party's leadership but had not expected the calamitous decline achieved in 2015" and more "Labour will only win another election with a policy approach that wins back people who have moved to voting Conservative and UKIP, as well as to the Greens and SNP ....  Your approach is highly unlikely to achieve this shift."

I see that some media here (and Labour Parks hacks)  are promoting a Ms Ardern as doing a Corbyn. To that I say 'Amen'.   Bring it on.  


Anonymous said...

Lord Warner, ye gods you must have been in the sun. He is a political opportunist who rose through the power structure without ever facing an election or having a constituency, a life time civil servant . Educated at a very expensive Dulwich college and Cambridge etc, He is about Labour as Hitler was to the humanities.

Unelected Minister of state in the health dept While running his own company flogging stuff to the NHS and also a PAID consultant to other private health companies.

In March 2014, Warner wrote an article for The Guardian newspaper suggesting that NHS users should pay £10 a month and £20 for every night in hospital. Labour swiftly rejected these ideas. Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed, commented: "This is not something Labour would ever consider. We believe in an NHS free at the point of use, and a Labour government will repeal David Cameron's NHS changes that put private profit before patient care".

He jumped before he was pushed because he is on Corbyns hit list and is now sucking up to the Conservatives. A man of little principle and not worthy of quoting.

Lord Egbut Nobacon.

The Veteran said...

Lord EN ... so may we take it that Labour has no problem with appointing men of little principal into cabinet positions ... fair comment actually.

Not sure your put-down over him being educated at Dulwich College is entirely fair. Yes, I know that Corbyn divorced his wife over her insistence that their kids should receive a decent (Grammar School) education. Seems that institution is a breeding ground for Labour politicians to whit Sir Hartley Shawcross, MP for St Helens and Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremburg trials; Baron Silkin of Dulwich, MP for Dulwich; John Silkin (brother), MP for Deptford; Alistair Macdonald, MP for Chislehurst; Chris Mole, MP for Ipswich and John Spellar, MP for Warley.

Not too many Conservatives although the school does count Nigel Farange, leader of UKIP, among its alumni.

Anonymous said...

Labour did not appoint him, Blair and Straw did, men of even less principle. The operative word in your reply and examples is Member of Parliament. Lord Warner would not have been elected milk monitor if he had stood for parliament.

Not a put down of Dulwich, just mentioning his (very) privileged background and life time career of being apolitical until he saw the gap and went for it.

A very good friend of mine lived next door to Maggie Thatcher when she lived in Dulwich,
He started life on Devon Council estate. My point being you picked the wrong man to deride Corbyn. Lord warner has little credibility.

I know these things, I'm a Lord.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... interesting that you deride the UKs last elected Labour Prime Minister that I will see in my lifetime as a man of no principle.

For all his faults Blair knew that, in order to win, Labour had to reach out into the middle ground where elections are won and lost. Corbyn's recipe for success (failure) appears to based on the mantra the the class war continues; that it's them vs us.

Remind me how many elections Blair won and compare that with Michael Foote who Corbyn regards as his hero and role model.

Shouldn't your renounce your peerage to maintain faith with the working class ... just askin.

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... one further comment. In NZL. Labour's tame political pollster had it that in Canada the New Democratic Party was poised to be the next government. Over there government has been shared between the centre-right Conservatives and the middle of the road Liberals. The NDP was always the bit player on the left although it became the official opposition in the their last parliament which saw the Liberals reduced to a rump Party winning just 36 seats out of the 338 on offer.

The NDP is an eclectic mix of Social Credit true believers plus what we would describe as left wing Labour. In the lead up to the election and up until mid September the NDP was outpolling both other parties ... and then Trudeau mania kicked in helped by Stephen Harper, the leader of the Coinservatives, who has been variously described as an aloof, patrician, politician.

The result was a disaster for the NDP who lost more than half their seats (95/44).

The point of this ... Corbyn would be at home in the NDP but, when push came to shove, voters showed they will shy away from a Party seen as extreme. Labour here and there should listen and learn but they won't. I repeat again ... in the UK the election of Corbyn offers huge opportunities for the Liberal Democrats.

Gonna be interesting to see if they pick up on this.

Anonymous said...

So many tributaries, so little time. So much smoke, so little clarity. What your adoring public think of your foray into Canadian politics will be illuminating. I suspect like me who knows bugger all they must think WTF,

Just a known fact to get on with, Blair along with his evil Dr Goebels, (Alistair Cambell) are the most hated politicians in the UK today, NOT because they are Labour but because they have been proved to be liars and totally unprincipled men and are responsible for the rise of the chaos in the MidEast today. Had there been principled men in charge then there would have been no Gulf War 2.

I see by todays press that the new Canuck PM is doing a Corbyn and pulling his jets out of Syria........funny that.

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... if you can't make the connection I was making then more fool you. I repeat yet again; I welcome Corbyn's election. He will do to UK Labour what Douglas/Prebble et al did to NZ Labour wrong way round. Amen to that I say.