Friday, October 9, 2015

The End Of The Honeymoon?

Why am I not surprised that a wealthy, arrogant leftist dressed up as Liberal Party prime minister turns out to have some similarity with wealthy, arrogant leftist dressed up as a US presidential candidate?

It appears Malcolm Turnbull, the darling of the ABC and Fairfax, has been sprung using a private e-mail server for his official communications.

The first question is 'Why?'

The second question is 'How does he know he hasn't been hacked by the Chinese or Russians?

Here are the money quotes:-

Mr Turnbull’s non-governmental email account and server pose a security risk, exposing him to hacking and foreign ­surveillance. Use of private email ­addresses for classified com­muni­cations is prohibited by sec­urity rules.
It may also be contrary to the Freedom of Information Act, by frustrating requests to access ­official documents from a minister and his office.


A spokeswoman for Mr Turnbull said last night: “The majority of government correspondence is routine and of a non-sensitive nature and is therefore not ­subject to sensitive security markings.”

Hillary tried that excuse too but the authorities pointed out that much of the information not carrying security markings was in fact sensitive and would later be classified.

I can only imagine the wall to wall outrage at the ABC if Abbott had done such a thing.


Judge Holden said...
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Judge Holden said...

WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH!!! There's nothing less edifying than a blubbing tory loser. You should be used to it by now, chum. Romney, McCain, Abbott twice, Howard. Coming up, Trump.