Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So That Really Is News?

So apparently passengers in the Malaysian Airlines Jet downed over Ukraine  might have been conscious during the death plunge after the Buk missile destroyed the MH 17 Boeing 777's  ability to fly.

Sheesh almost every condemned has to endure a process that will end with their last breath that can take weeks days or at least  hours.
How many of the passengers suddenly exposed to subzero temperatures, oxygen deprivation or just stunned from the sudden ending of the planes flight would have worked out what the hell happened?

Recently three young men plunged off the summit road above Duvauchelles and the driver of the car that should have had three bodies to be recovered, had time during the several rollovers to apologise to his passengers for their impending deaths when in fact all survived.

Is it just me or are the fucktard media jerks just being daft in indulging in  such dumb speculation.

One thing we do know without question every body who boarded that plane at Schiphol is dead and that is already too much information.

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