Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Remove Every Lawful Firearm, Then What Hillary?

Mrs Clinton has addressed her plunging polling with a vow to "Do Something".

Entirely unchallenged and given column inches prominently by the Lamestream media.

She is going to make it more difficult for people to purchase or otherwise acquire weapons.
She is going to Make gun sellers and manufacturers accountable.

Sorry you stupid woman, almost all gun crime has a basis in unlawful acquisition and use. They are already breaking more laws than you could shake Bills stick at.

Do you think for a second that little coward shooting the Father of two outside the Parramatta Police HQ in Australia was all nice and legal, having gone through a rigorous background check to be able to acquire that weapon.
Australia have very serious hurdles in place and the scrote still managed to kill in broad daylight outside a freakin police HQ with armed constables on guard.
Do you think you will successfully prosecute Smith and Wesson who had no more participation or responsibility than  Bryant and May have for bloody Bush Fires. Here is a wee clue, lardarse dopey dropkick state servants promote everyone to have candles and blimmin matches in an emergency kit, ffs.

So lets say Hills, you achieve the impossible and remove all weapons from the Millions of people throughout the world who have complied with their country's laws in acquiring and storing such ordnance. Remembering that it is estimated there is one legal compliant with current laws,  firearm for every Man Woman and Child in the US.
Of course the illegals are harder to estimate, funny that.

How for all that is holy will you persuade the nutters, the criminals and the daft to comply with your totally stupid, inane and ridiculous populist rubbish.
Cripes Bill fired a shot in the Oval Office and you could not even stop that with the Law, your Morality and the security detail all right there. You know, when he stained Monica's dress and they weren't blood stains, the dress was already red Ok


JC said...

I've read several times the reason gun control won't work in the US is that the politicians always lie about the facts and people are scared of their police forces.

Here in NZ our worst modern decade for mass murder ie, 4 people or more killed.. was in the 1990s after John Banks introduced his tougher gun control measures.

Its pretty much the same wherever you go where there has been some mass murder, mental illness and/or fatherless sons encouraged by the media publishing their names and giving them the fame they desire.

The scary thing about the US is how Obama and co can rant on the vanishingly small number of mass murder deaths compared to the thousands killed with illegal handguns in the big Democrat controlled cities. Still.. I guess Hil has to try to hold her rapidly declining support base with a pointless rant about guns rather than address her email scandal.


The Veteran said...

A cynic might say that a headline wins every-time over substance ... and I'm a cynic. The US system has so many checks and balances (and vested interests) so as to make meaningful gun control legislation impossible .... even if you managed to put to one side the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Hillary looking for a sound bite. End of story.

Paranormal said...

But but but, if we used Hillary's logic there should already be no mass shootings on school campuses. Guns are already banned there. Then again that's maybe why these atrocities are occurring at schools?

JC said...

Gun free zones.. the other huge anomaly for a country with a constitutional right to carry and a history of just that and lefties declare with pride various schools, colleges, mauls etc "Gunfree" and wonder why the crazies make a beeline for them.

In effect they are using their pupils and users as hostages in much the same way the Palestinians use women and children in the front lines in stoushes with Israel.. as political sacrifices to public opinion.


Howie said...

Yep JC, we should turn all primary schools into armouries. The kids should be armed too right? It's in the constitution!

"the vanishingly small number of mass murder deaths "

994 mass shootings since 2012. Yep, tiny. How many mass shootings in Aus since Port Arthur? You take fuckwit to a new level.

gravedodger said...

Howie normally I choose to let your towering intellect prove its worth every day but as you are in such fine form could you tell us all how Hillary and her latest brain fart will make any difference in controlling the estimated 350 million guns rifles and pistols lawfully owned in the US plus the unknown number of unlawfully held weapons.
Oh and By the way interesting comment there about having an armoury in a primary school. You especially will already know throughout history Mosques have a weapons storage as a primary function.

Almost every mass shooting in the US in recent times has occurred in weapon free environments including the one at the Fort Hood where concealed carry was not permitted.

Looking forward to how exactly you consider The Candidates views could be effective.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

How are your Fonterra shares going Howie?

JC said...

"994 mass shootings since 2012."

Ah, the Dope Machine has arrived.. try at least 20 mass shootings since Obama has been made President..


Or 72 since 1982..


Average number killed each shooting is 6.9 so a couple of dozen per year compared to about 9000 firearms related murders per year..


Like I said, mass murders are a vanishingly small number at 0.02% of total firearms murders.

"How many mass shootings in Aus since Port Arthur?"

About the same number as the ten years before Port Arthur. The Oz rate of firearms murder had fallen in the 10 years prior to Port Arthur and the same rate of fall occurred after the great buy off of weapons.. ie, the change in regulations and buy off of weapons had no effect on firearms murders.


See Fig 7. Incidentally the same sort of fall in gun murders has also occurred in the US.

(Note to YM proprietors.. you need a better class of troll to reflect the quality of the blog).


Howie said...

Oh dear, JC your savage abuse of statistics borders on desperation, not to mention decept. Like your lies about the ISIS hordes invading Europe.

"About the same number as the ten years before Port Arthur."

Bzzzzz, false. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_Australia. Fuckwit.

Psycho Milt said...

So, do you have some plausible account for how it is that mass shootings are very rare events in countries with effective gun control, but happen every other week in the country with ineffective gun control? Take your time..

Howie said...

JC thinks that 9000 firearms murders a year is a great argument for an absence of gun control. But then, he's a fuckwit.

gravedodger said...

Less of the personal abuse Howie that is my prerogative, JC has every right to his opinions.
BTW how are the answers coming along, taking quite a bit of research I guess.

JC said...

PM, we are talking about the US and its gun culture/ I don't have to like or defend it to point out that the Constitution as it stands is supported by the majority of its people.. that being the case it behoves them to protect people from the crazies and glory hunters by removing gun free zones, allowing people to carry guns and use them to defend themselves and others as required.

Letting a minority impose gun free zones when most mass murders occur there seems the height of lunacy and morbid ideology.

Its a fact that most gun murders are committed by Blacks and Hispanics using illegal handguns in Democrat controlled cities and most of the victims are likewise minorities and a majority of these are likewise criminals.. one wonders if Obama and co see this as a logical form of control.

You are welcome to make comparisons with other countries but from what I can see the vast majority of Americans including Democrats and their politicians dont give a rats arse about Blacks knocking each other off.. they are vastly more interested in the 0.02% of murders committed by White mass murders.

Incidentally this latest atrocity was committed by a 50% Black who expressed great admiration for the gay Black man who recently knocked off some white media personalities on air.. as he wrote.. "You get more publicity the more people you kill".


Anonymous said...

Ye gods, you lot can't even work out that there is no US, just 50 odd (very odd) states with their own gun laws.

Those States with onerous gun laws have significantly less gun deaths per head of pop than those that don't. Gun laws were introduced into New York sometime in the 90's and gun death fell hugely.

Most guns in he US are nicked off stupid owners who leave them in their glove box, on top of the fridge etc.

To say that gin control doesn't work is like saying seat belts don't save lives. I can't really believe I'm looking at these posts. One for the veteran, the US had 50,000 killed in Vietnam, over the same period approximately the same number of people died in the states by the gun.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Howie said...

So JC's answer to mass shootings is, rather than actually restrict access to the guns, like what worked in Australia, is to turn every part of US public life into an armoury with everyone (including children, why should they be exposed?) pretty much required to pack heat. This is to prevent what he claims are merely 0.2 percent of gun killings. This is a full-proof plan. The other 9,000 gun murders are mostly committed by the blacks (which is relevant to him for some reason) and so don't need addressing (somehow). Then, he's a fuckwit.

Noel said...

Look at the 1994 and 2013 Federal assualt weapons ban and it's obvious why they can't emulate Australia. Any buy back would probably bankrupt some states.

Paranormal said...

LEN you're wrong about New York. The murder rate dropped along with other crime when the broken windows policy was introduced. Gun Crime in New York was rampant in spite of guns being liiegal there prior to the broken windows policy.

If you want some real understanding have a read of this: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2015/jun/22/barack-obama/barack-obama-correct-mass-killings-dont-happen-oth/

Who'd have thought the US is behind Finland, Norway and Switzerland on victims of mass shootings on a per capita basis. Certainly no-one reading Howie's drivel.

So PM, in your book does Australia and England have 'effective gun control', and what exactly does that mean?

In England in particular criminal use of firearms continues even though firearms were outlawed in the late 90's. In 2013/14 there were 7,714 crimes involving firearms, not including possession of firearms crimes. It appears the Violent Crime reduction Act of 2006 had more to do with reducing all violent crime than gun control did.