Saturday, October 31, 2015

Only A Wooly Headed Failed Presbyterian Head Tilter ....

..... could be so stupid.

Yes, its Labour's David Clark, the lapsed Reverend, no less.

Hes complaining that The Prime Ministers business scholarships are being paid to, wait for it, businesses.

"Staff from a handful of companies have repeatedly won lucrative Prime Minister's scholarships, which Labour claims shows problems with the scheme and suggests an "in club.",,,,,
.....Staff from the Gough Group, Beca, Tait companies and Comvita have won 19 per cent of all scholarships awarded.'

Hang on a minute.  Thee fact is these four companies won less than twenty percent of the awards.  So who won the re4maing whopping eighty one percent, Mr Clark?  You mean you dont know?only 

Of course, both Clark and the Trash Tabloid call the scholarships 'Prime Ministers' scholarships' when in fact they are the Prime Minister's Business Scholarships.   But but but if we called them business scholarships there 'd be no story.

One is left wondering to whom Clark thinks they should be paid.  None of his mates, that's for sure because:-

"Recipients attend business schools that include Stanford and Harvard in the United States.

The scholarship funds 50 per cent of the study cost. Nominating businesses cover the rest."


Noel said...

Scholarship is funded half by the taxpayer and the other half from the employees company. Claim is employee is first beneficiary, then company by increased innovation and I suspose the taxpayer waits for the increase in tax revenue?

Paulus said...

Do you mean the man before he entered Parliament from some Presbyterian College in Dunedin where he made sure that he was addressed as:
The Reverend Doctor Clark.