Tuesday, October 6, 2015


In the hours/days/weeks ahead there will be much written on the TPPA.   Can I proffer some free advice to the Jane Kelseys and Chris Trotters of this world ... your somewhat hysterical reactions do you and your cause no good.   You cried wolf and the wolf turned into a pussy cat and you're upset and tough.

As someone with links to the beef industry I welcome the agreement which provides for the elimination of beef tariffs into the area (with the exception of Japan where they will drop from 38.5% to 9%).     The removal of these tariffs is a shot in the arm to the sector worth close to twenty million dollars per annum.

Labour is stuck between a rock and a hard place.   KDS will prevail.   China FTA negotiated by 'them' good  ... TPPA negotiated by National bad.    Really sad was the attack on Tim Groser by Granny King.   When he was doing the deal for Labour he was the best thing since sliced bread but now!!!!!!

Winston First and the Greens don't matter ... for them free trade is an anathema.    TPPA eats babies is their catch-cry and their acolytes will march dutifully to the barricades chanting that.


Ross Nixon said...

Quick edit suggestion!
It is the TPP Agreement, not TTPA.

The Veteran said...

RN ... TY

The Veteran said...

I think this comment on another blog just about sums it up

1. It is more than we had before.
2. Tariffs are massively reduced or eliminated altogether
3. Access to previously closed markets is now open and largely free of interference
4. There is a commitment to move on remaining tariffs
5. Raw dairy didn’t do so well but processed dairy has huge benefits.
6. Even so dairy has greater access than before.
7. Pharmac is untouched

But, no matter what, the naysayers like Kelsey and Trotter will still cry foul while the 'productive' sector gets on with the job of making NZL a living.

alwyn said...

And while we are about it, he is Groser, not Grosser.
Only in the hard-left's imagination is the second spelling used.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Alwyn ... seems I'm having a bad hair day. Can't blame it on the weather either. My apologies to Sir Tim.