Thursday, October 1, 2015


With Helen Clark giving her endorsement here to the need to be part of any TPP agreement clearly that's Labour done and dusted.  Mr Little has his riding instructions.

The Greens and Winston First along with Jane Kelsey ain't going to change their position any time soon but, in the great scheme of things, they remain irrelevant  except to remind us that their position mirrors that of the great Tory mill owners of the 18th century to whom the notion of free trade was an anathema.

How the worm turns.


Anonymous said...

I am genuinely thrilled about this. In recent months we have endured a barrage of moaning and whining from sectors that the present government is behaving secretly, if not treasonously, in pursuing the TPPA. Let's remember Clark's triumph in negotiating the China FTA. At the time there wasn't an outcry about secrecy as there has been during the TPPA negotiations nor were there fear-mongering claims of loss of sovereignty. Clark has not only solidly endorsed the government but has ripped whatever weak grasp of leadership Little has over the Labour Party from him!


mbs42 said...

Yeah, except that if you look closely at what Clarke said its not really much of an endorsement at all. The MSM in its haste to act as a National party ginger group have taken it to be an endorsement. Clarke herself seems to be distancing herself from the notion that she endorsed it "as is, where is".

The Veteran said...

mbs42 ... MSM acting as a National Party ginger group!!!! LOL. Guess the truth hurts.