Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Spending this week in Auckland 'incacerated' in the Auckland District Court which is a most unlovely rabbit warren of a building where, if you misplace your swipe card, you can find yourself literally locked in with no place to go .... I digress.

My hotel is not too far from Sky City so I decided to have a look at their casino operation.  Unlike MacArthur, I doubt I'll be returning any time soon.  Some impressions ... two ethnic groups were over represented among the clientele ... Asian and Pacific Islanders.   I can understand the former where gambling is akin to their national sport but not the PI bit especially given that many appeared to come from the lower socio-economic demographic.   What I mean there is that Sky City is an expensive place, starting with the cost of parking and extending to very average food and drink priced to fleece.

Not really a patch on other casinos I have visited around the world where, in some, food and drink is available at give-away prices so that when you leave broke (as you must expect to) you depart fed and watered.   If I want to play the pokies I'll stick to the Paihia Servicemens Club or the Rusell RSA.

Back home Friday.

ps. There is a great Turkish restaurant called Midnight Express on Victoria Street (almost opp Sky City).   Sun/Mon/Tue they offer a $25 dinner special with a choice of six entrees and seven main courses.   My entree was $14.50 on the main menu while the main course was priced at $26.50.   Superb value and a quality meal.   Enjoyed a Turkish Pilsner called Eft? with the meal.   Nice drop.


Shelldrake said...

The Turkish beer is Efes.

Great drop when drunk on the shores of the Dardenelles.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Vet, The Cook and I used to go there frequently during the early nineties and since. Yes, it is a little unsung gem.