Sunday, October 4, 2015


Anyone who thought Oz wasn't a real contender needs to think again.

England ... you may have invented the game but you need to learn how to play it.

Japan have surely earned the right to host a RWC.

Not allowed to use the term 'coconut' rugby referring to Samoa so I won't .... but!!!

South Africa ... yawn.

Scotland ... see above.

and don't even get me started on the ABs.


Ghost of Greenwood said...

Where is Mr Beaumont these days ? Still cleaning up the mess Darren Greenwood left behind ?

Any road, remember this . . .

Ghost of Greenwood said...

Actually, this link is better.

The Veteran said...

Ghost ... think it's called something along the lines of 'act in haste, repent at leisure'.

gravedodger said...

The Rugby Union has just had an abject lesson in what are the chances power and influence can't be Bought.

For some years now a procession of Scribes and Pharisees have extolled how England would rule but they omit some basic tenets.

Spirit, belief, skill, humility, understanding of reality and respect for the opposition, for starters.

Marler and Cole, the great waddling lardarses who stumble from scrum to scrum along with reject first five or standoff as the Poms call him, Cipriani have all had a go at 'How Great They Art', and many others have tried.

Dan Cole quote;
"The ball, for example, Is it really that essential? I go through plenty of games where I don't even see it, let alone touch it. Do we really need one? I mean, sod the backs."
Joe Marler during Six Nations last February;
“If RWC was to start tomorrow, we’d back ourselves to win it. It’s a little bit of an English thing in most sports, getting ahead of ourselves somewhat. But we’re on a journey as a team and each time we pull on that shirt it’s another step towards that ultimate goal of a home World Cup in front of your own fans.”
Danny Cipriani just yesterday in an effort that was certain to assist Cheika in his teams motivation;
"There is not one Wallaby who would be included in the England Squad".

Some criticise the ABs for arrogance and being favoured by intimidated referees, the total disbelief of Robshaw and Farrell when one yellow card was dished in the 72nd minute when it could have been two as Burgess, another humble man, took out Foley while Farrell was fouling Giteau.

I have no idea if the Gin swilling old farts are still at the top table but their whole setup needs a major rebuild.
Hell I am not certain a full strength Georgia team would fail to give that one dimensional outfit a lesson in Rugby c2015.
One thing for certain, Wales and Australia have.

pdm said...

GD - Cole could well have had a Yellow earlier when he stopped Foley from getting to the ball when he went for the intercept. Not sure if Foley was quick enough to go from his 22 to the try line but he might have found a support player who was.

Anonymous said...

No, WE invented rugby. We were they then. NZ did not not exist as an entity in 1823 so WE become THEY ie your great great granddad might have actually scored a try for the old Harrovians :-)

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Lord EN ... oh that I could claim that but I can't. Great great granddad (1) did whatever they did in
Saxony-Anhalt while on the other side they were Yorkshire of the huntin, shootin and fishin variety ... nuthin vulgar like body contact and so how they managed to procreate is quite beyond me.

Nick K said...

Vet, England lost to a depleted and average Wales side. They're just not very good. This win by Australia has to be taken in the context - they beat a very poor side.