Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Mon Repos is built down the side of a cliff surrounded by bush.     The waste-water from the house drains into a holding tank and from there it is pumped up (by a submersible pump) into the Paihia sewage system.

At 1030 this morning Mrs Veteran decided to disappear down into her bush garden to do what she does best.   She was back in a shot to say the tank was overflowing with nasty stuff and that I had better call a plumber before we were struck down by typhoid or malaria or whatever.    Checked the switchboard and, sure enough, the pump circuit had tripped out.

11.15 rung the plumber to discuss.   Said he would get there soonest but I might want to ring an electrician as well.   Did that and told they would be there asap.   13.05.   Plumber and electrician arrive simultaneously.       Plumber donned protective gear and removed the top of said tank ... revolting mess ... won't go into the detail but he managed to extract the pump.   Electrician confirmed it had pumped its last pump.    Plumber rings base. Confirmed they do indeed have a replacement pump.   Both Plumber and Electrician take off; E tells P to call him when ready to install.    1415.   Plumber returns with new pump; electrician returns shortly after.   1515.   Pump installed and tested and  all OK.

All's well that ends well.   Ok, bill yet to come.   A plus for Mrs Veteran is that her garden has been fertilized for free.

Simply outstanding service from Dave Hesketh Plumbing and Bay of Islands Electrical, both from Paihia.    Well done guys.



quintin Hogg said...

I bet they went fishing after that.

The Realist said...

Has this got anything to do with the sausage roll incident?