Friday, October 30, 2015

Mind Games.

All those Media numpties sitting around London until this weekend are struggling to amuse themselves.

A heaven sent opportunity to just make stuff up.

What do you have left when you remove AB from Wallabies?

Cheika is questioned as to the veracity of the Ban on using All Black over New Zealand when referring to their opposition for the weekend, he obliges then calls out the Poltergeist in the room.

For me however it was Hansen's comment "They can call us whatever they like and being Australians they probably will", that took Droll of the Day.

I accept that in the suffocating commercial realities around RWC 2015 there has to be such garbage where numpties will masquerade as Journalists but it is bloody unlikely there will be a McCarthy, McLean, Brittenden or Peter Bush present.

In the lead-in to last weekends Saffa Game there were many idiots who in ignorance made predictions of 20/ 30 point margins for a NZ win, I was always thinking it would be less than seven and merely hoped it would be NZ in front at 80 minutes, and exactly the same for the ITM cup Premiership 12 hours earlier for Canterbury
Btw who does the Big Blouse and Sgian dubh tag team castigate in what was another terrific display of NPC rugby with their fanboys away in London doing the Business.
My prediction at the beginning of the NPC was Hawkes Bay to keep the shield and win promotion, sorry Wellywood, and Auckland to be a massive threat to the Red and Blacks. The outcome where my hopes were ITM Premier, Championship and the semi at Twickenham were welcomed  from smashing them by two points for 3/3 was a comfort.
It is a massive mystery to me that the daft buggers who sip gin at "Twickers" cant understand how the NZRU position in only selecting their National team from players playing at home, South Africa have gone soft with several of their WC squad brought back from overseas and we await how the modification by returning Giteau, Mitchell and co home for RWC 2015 works out for the ARU
English Cricket tightened up on overseas players keeping home grown talent out of their top tier and have emerged stronger in international cricket
France Top rugby clubs have an even bigger problem with their top 14 so dominated by expensive purchased talent and gee did that show up in Cardiff ten days ago.

Go The All Blacks, a win by one point will do just fine and that is based on hope as much as any other factor. I suggested to Swmbo at Tournament kickoff it could be one referee call, one dropped pass, an injury or a card that decides RWC 2015 and little is changed just ask my other team Scotland and I am still more upset at how Joubert was hung out to dry by those he deserved better from than Scotland being denied.

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Anonymous said...

You had better get used to NZ/Aus finals for the next twenty years Dodger. The only bright point on the horizon is that SA MIGHT be able to put up a defence in the future but I doubt it.

I will keep it simple and you can tell me which of these bullets points is wrong.

England/Wales/Scotland have to recall players because they do not have the depth of talent due to many reasons that seem to remain a mystery to most New Zealanders.

Rugby in NZ is a "way out of the ghetto" to use a US term because it is THE national sport whereas in most other countries the "way out of the ghetto" is through football.

The class distinction and economic difference between rugby supporters and football supporters in Europe is vast.

UK's second biggest city with a catchment of 5 million does not have a single rugby stadium. The nearest is Worcester 30 miles away.. Capacity. 20,000.

Twickenham serves a population of 30 million. NZ has one international rugby stadium per 1 million people.

France is at a fork in the road. National glory or big bucks. Nothing will change they will opt for the money as the RWC's earnings doth butter no parsnips. They will continue to exercise and train other nations players, like the the Argentines. Club rugby is huge all the time, the RWC is huge for a very short time.

Lord Egbut Nobacon