Friday, October 16, 2015

Meetings of Like Minds

When Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull meets NZ PM John Key, it will be a meeting of two self made wealthy businessmen, both pretty competent fellows in the political an commercial world.

When Australian opposition leader Bill Shorten meets NZ opposition Andrew Little it will be  a meeting of two appalling political half wits, one of whom is an out and out crook.


Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Indeed. They are both arrogant, self-serving, power-hungry, and altogether selfish politicians with little or no conservative principles running both major conservative parties either side of the ditch.

JC said...

Key certainly gives the impression of some sort of liberal fool with hardly a conservative bone in his body but then there's this:

NZ adults are close to the wealthiest people in the world, ahead of the US and Oz. If Key and his citizens are unworthy of consideration as the true nature of conservatism I guess we can say we can afford to be whatever we bloody well like.


Allan said...

Ghost of Greenwood it would seem to me that you are totally ignorant as to the positive aspect of our current Government and what it has done for NZ because of its policies. During their time in government we have seen our country prosper, unlike many other countries in Europe and in general keep a reasonable standard of living for those who choose to work and contribute to the general well being of all by paying their taxes. John Key is a likeable affable self made man who came from humble beginnings and rose to the challenge and made a success of his life. There is no way that he is arrogant and I am so glad that we have a Party in power who actually celebrate success rather than penalize those who choose to get on with their lives and not expect the world to owe them a living.

Anonymous said...

What Allan said and not what Greenwood spewed!


Judge Holden said...
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Judge Holden said...
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