Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Is She Jewish?

She must be.

Jacinda Ardern, that is.  She has been passed over for the coveted job of Labour Deputy Leader.

The Labour Trash Tabloid will not be pleased having invested much ink and paper in promoting this toothy incompetent lady.


Shelldrake said...

Ah, the new face of Labour. Well more of a well worn one. National will be dissapointed that they won't be able to get their claws into Jacinda. Her face and enthusiasm at Question Time today should be a message to Labour Party wranglers that her position in the house adjacent to Angry Andy is too close for his safety now.

The Veteran said...

Beware a woman scorned ... Jacinda that is. Word is that she has supplied the gas bottle to help fire up 'Alfs' BBQ. One has to believe Mr Alf ... he will never again challenge for the Labour Party leadership. But as for the Jacinda and Grant team ... watch this space.

Meanwhile in camp Cunliffe and Shearer I understand there is the great gnashing of teeth.

Ross said...

No, she is not Jewish. She is/was a Moron.

Paulus said...

If Jacinda was the answer then what was the question.
She will now wait her perceived Deputyship until Grunter Robertson takes over and will collapse when he gets rolled.
Tubby Doctor from Christchurch is sharpening her claws too.
But not until after the next election.
The Unions will not concede that made a balls up in appointing little Angry Little.

Anonymous said...

"No, she is not Jewish. She is/was a Moron."

From Moronsville.