Thursday, October 29, 2015

Integration, Assimilation, Citizenship, Yeah Right!

A Victorian School permits children to get up and leave Assembly when they sing The Australian National Anthem.

Gee that is a massive step to becoming Aussies Eh, wonder who those  who do that will cheer for next Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

My initial reaction was that this report was a whimsical piece of shit stirring from the uber right and then I retread it and checked the source. I am gobsmacked. Ok, the school is staffed by teachers belonging to a Union identified as belonging to the left faction of the Victorian ALP. But hold on, this is a public school, and the advanced arguement that they were respecting the religious sensitivities of Muslim students is specious indeed . Dime to a dollar I bet the schol makes no allowances for Christian students who may chose to fast through Lent. The really sad thing about this is that it drives a further wedge between the Australian community and Muslims by giving a certain sense to the argument.that Muslims ain't really Australians.

Psycho Milt said...

Fuck, I wish they'd had that when I was at school. Bastards were always making you stand up and sing the national anthem.

Anonymous said...

The bellowing out of godawful dirges penned 115 years ago in a fit of jingoism at school assembly has no meaning today and should not be enforced. I do not know the words of GDNZ or Advance to the Australian fair and I only know the words to God save the queen because I was once a 13 year old ice cream boy in a 1960's picture theatre.

I do not sing any national anthem at any occasion therefore the risk of offending people like the Dodger is reduced to a minimum.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


What a boring old fart you must be!

But don't worry. With plenty of people of like mind as yours, you,ll all soon be singing Allah Uber Alles' every morning before you point your arses to the west.